In Honor of the Year of the Rabbit, We Share our Favorite Fandom Rabbits

The Lunar New Year is upon us! It is a celebratory time to honor the past year and hope for a new year filled with good fortune. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit.  Several writers from Fandom Spotlite gathered together to share their favorite fandom rabbits. Let’s just say…there are so many kinds of rabbits. 

Martin: Roger Rabbit 

Re-watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit – What a movie! | It's A Stampede!

My favorite fandom rabbit is Roger Rabbit himself. One of my favorite movies to watch growing up was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” It was funny, exciting, and had a bunch of my favorite toons in it. I loved how wacky Roger was but also how kind and loyal. A lot of the characters in the movie are pretty cynical. Roger is one of the only characters that can be relied on. Yes, he could be annoying but he is always hilarious. I love that he is a goof who has a wife everyone wants. I love that one drop of alcohol and he is ready to bounce off the walls and I love that he is always a true friend.

Jaz: Elle Woods 

My favorite fandom rabbit is Elle Woods! I know she’s not what you would think of as a rabbit … technically… But in truth, this is the first image I thought of when we were tasked with this assignment of sharing our favorite fandom rabbits. And like Elle Woods, I dared to be different and do things my way. On the surface, Elle seems to be just a pretty face, who doesn’t really have much to offer. She is often underappreciated because how on earth can this girl be smart? But the truth is, she dares to be different. Above all, regardless of the fact she is constantly made fun of, she stays kind to others and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. She taught me to stay passionate, stay courageous, and as hard as it is at times to always have faith in people. And most importantly, always have faith in yourself.

Yali: Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon 

If you aren’t a fan of Sailor Moon, then you are probably confused as to why she is on this list. Usagi’s name means rabbit. Her name is a reference to the Japanese story Tsuki no Usagi. The Moon Rabbit makes mochi on the moon using a pestle. There are many stories about The Moon Rabbit. Back to Usagi, our Princess Warrior Rabbit is known for her kind heart, bubbly personality, and clumsiness. Still, she is always there when you need her. Like real rabbits, she makes people smile and provides joy. If only I could be as lucky as she is when it comes to fashion and love.

Gabby: E. Aster Bunnymund 

I thought long and hard about this decision, because, as any self-respecting person should, I take fictional rabbits very seriously. The competition was fierce, but in the end, I have to go with the Easter Bunny from Dreamworks’s Rise of the Guardians. I absolutely love retellings of classic fairytales and folklore, especially when traditionally docile, cute characters are turned into badasses. Easter has never been one of my favorite holidays, but I like its mascot a lot more when he’s a boomerang-wielding warrior with an Australian accent (which, might I add, is provided by none other than Hugh Jackman). Some honorable mentions that almost made the cut over Bunnymund are Bunnicula (from the books, not the cartoon; the cartoon freaks me out), The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Mirko from My Hero Academia, and the Pokémon Buneary.

Rachel: My Melody 

It was hard for me to narrow down a pick for my favorite rabbit but one character that instantly comes to mind as a Sanrio fan is My Melody. She’s easily one of the cutest Sanrio characters (okay, they are all adorable but Melody is one of my top five favorites). She is Hello Kitty’s bestie and a very honest and good-natured girl. I love that her flower gives her a signature look and she is always impeccably dressed!

Joe: Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit (Year of the Rabbit

My choice is a tad unconventional, but if you’re a Matt Berry fan, you’ll love it. I chose Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit of Scotland Yard, from the series “Year of the Rabbit.” Brilliantly portrayed by Matt Berry, Rabbit is a hardened booze hound of a member of the yard, who is looking out for himself first, then the people of the East End in Victorian London. He’s constantly getting crapped on (both figuratively and literally,) and having to explain the missing eyebrow (the dog bit it off last Christmas.) Just when you think Rabbit’s going to be a right bastard, he shows his warm and fuzzy heart, while tossing turds at the nobility. He sounds ridiculous because he is. Unravel the mysteries of Victorian London today with Year of the Rabbit

April Violet: The Donnie Darko Rabbit 

This evil bastard gave me a fear of people in rabbit suits for years. Just shivering at the thought of Easter! Now as a lover of horror and a grown adult, I’ve come to love Donnie Darko and the role this frightening beast had. The film was ahead of its time and created a movie monster that has not been replicated since. Truly a worthy rabbit for the year of the rabbit.

Those are our favorite rabbits from TV and Film! Share your favorites in the comments below. We like to wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year! May 2023 bring you endless amounts of joy. 

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