Rating Canon Warriors Couples – The New Prophecy

I’m back with a second rating of Warriors couples article, focusing on canon couples only! This article focuses on any relationships that started in the second arc of WarriorsThe New Prophecy. The second arc boasts many more couples, many with implications reaching all the way through current books. Some even spun into major plot points for arcs. A couple of reminders: I’ll be considering the entire relationship and not just the arc labeled and the more popular or prominent couples are the highlight.

Since this article will discuss the couples at length, up to the current Warriors release, MAJOR spoilers will be included (especially directly below the picture).

Squirrelflight(star) and Brambleclaw(star)
Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw, and Ashfur in a Russian illustration for Sunset. Art by E.A Savelyev.

Rating: 1/10

Both prominent and iconic characters, Squirrelflight/star and Brambleclaw/star have been important since arc two, The New Prophecy. In fact, both were POV characters for that entire arc. Their relationship hasn’t stopped updating since though, as they’re relevant even in the eighth and newest arc, A Starless Clan. Their dynamic starts with Squirrelpaw as an apprentice, an annoyance to the young warrior Brambleclaw, though her fiery spirit eventually wins him over. As warriors together, the couple is thrown into turmoil, as Brambleclaw gets closer to his unknowingly evil half-brother, Hawkfrost, who Squirrelflight disapproves of. It’s obvious even in the TNP arc that Brambleclaw has a lot of ego and arrogance and often dismisses Squirrelflight. By the end of it all, the two do wind up together, but their trouble doesn’t stop. After Squirrelflight admits to lying about Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf being their kits in the Power of Three, Brambleclaw turns his back on her and they remain broken up (or divorced really) for a while. Though I understand Brambleclaw’s feelings of betrayal, the harshness he shows Squirrelflight is rather ugly.

The worst of their relationship doesn’t come until Squirrelflight’s own Super Edition, Squirrelflight’s Hope, where Bramblestar is now leader and she is his deputy. He very nearly (and I’d argue does) emotionally abuse Squirrelflight, undermining her while ignoring her feelings and opinions for his own. The two continue to squabble in later arcs too, only seeming to find their footing again in the most recent arc, when Bramblestar steps down to become Brambleclaw again and Squirrelstar is promotedThough they spend plenty of time rescuing each other in the arc before that, The Broken Code, that sweetness doesn’t raise my rating much higher. The only reason I gave them a point is because of the healthy moments they’ve shared and how they are at least good parents together (when they’re not biting each other’s heads off). The pairing leaves too much of a sour taste in my mouth, my dislike for Brambleclaw tainting the entire relationship.

Squirrelflight(star) and Ashfur
Squirrelflight and Ashfur in the full cover art for the Chinese cover of Twilight. Art by Liu Ye.

Rating: 0/10

Unfortunately, the authors of Warriors never give Squirrelflight/star a chance to have a nice, healthy relationship. Though some people might argue that she and Brambleclaw didn’t deserve even a point when I’m giving her and Ashfur zero points, I still find myself disliking this couple even more. Though they were never official mates, much to Ashfur’s displeasure, the potential to become mates was present enough to consider this a couple at one point. The only reason they got close to starting anything was because Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw were fighting, giving opportunity for her to develop a friendship with Ashfur. He always wanted more though and when she turned him down for Brambleclaw, he lost it. While Brambleclaw is abusive at points in the writing, Ashfur tried to murder any of Squirrelflight’s kin he could to make her feel the “pain he felt” when she rejected him. All in all, Ashfur is the biggest example of the “nice guy” trope that is found in our society. He takes it a step further in The Broken Code, his slimy obsessive behavior taking a dangerous edge as he possesses Bramblestar’s body and tries to destroy the Clans and StarClan. Not only that, he tries to keep Squirrelflight as his captive, an “if I can’t have you, nobody can” truly sickening mentality. As much as I praise the storyline and like Ashfur as a villain, I hate his actions and his treatment of Squirrelflight. Some fans argue that they would have been better for each other in the long run, if Squirrelflight had returned his affections, but I find that an uneasy interpretation. From my most recent re-read of the start of their relationship, it’s clear that Ashfur would stifle Squirrelflight’s independence and I don’t doubt he eventually would have been just as controlling, if not more so, than Brambleclaw.

Crowpaw/feather and Feathertail
Crowpaw/feather and Feathertail in a Russian illustration for Moonrise. Art by Leonid Nasyrov.

Rating: 6.5/10

In the original books, the ending of this relationship was possibly the most gut-wrenching of them. This is the only couple that has content singularly in The New Prophecy, considering its forced ending. I wanted to rate them middle-ground mostly because of this since there isn’t as much content to base it on. Crowpaw of WindClan and Feathertail of RiverClan may have never met or grown close if they hadn’t been chosen by StarClan to go on the long journey to hear what Midnight had to say to save their Clans. On this journey, the prickly Crowpaw is tempered by the understanding of Feathertail. Their love is sweet like a flower that never gets the chance to bloom as Feathertail’s young life is taken in another prophecy. The Tribe of Rushing Water has its own prophecy, where a silver cat is to save them from Sharptooth, a prowling mountain lion terrorizing their Tribe. Her last act of heroism is not only to fulfill the prophecy but to save the life of her love Crowpaw, who is trapped by Sharptooth. Her leap to the stalactite hanging above the mountain lion makes it fall, killing the beast, but she dies from the fall tooThe art and maps that come from this epic moment are something that still makes me emotional. Crowpaw is devastated by this loss, and later in the arc, asks to have his warrior name reflect her sacrifice, naming himself Crowfeather. Also, I want to clarify here, while I usually dislike apprentices being with warriors, Crowpaw was about to become a warrior before he left on the journey, so the age gap isn’t really bad. I only wish we could have seen what would become of this couple, whether Feathertail or Crowfeather would join each other’s Clan, or run away together.

Crowfeather and Leafpool
Crowfeather and Leafpool in a Russian illustration for Twilight. Art by E.A Savelyev.

Rating: 8/10

This rating honestly comes as a shock even to myself (mostly because I like Leafpool and Mothwing together though they’re not remotely canon), but there’s something about Leafpool and Crowfeather that makes sense. It’s what I imagine Feathertail and Crowfeather could’ve been if we’d had a POV of either of them in TNP. There’s a mutual respect, love, and tenderness between Leafpool and Crowfeather, both of them sacrificing so much to see each other. As I mentioned in my ratings for Graystripe and Silverstream previously, I’m a sucker for forbidden romances. medicine cat (forbidden to take a mate ever) and a warrior from another Clan is possibly the highest form of forbidden that Warriors could concoct. While I’m not a fan of medicine cats continuously falling in love or wanting a mate, this being the first time it was seen in the series (through POV specifically) makes it excusable. I also love how when Leafpool tells Crowfeather she has to choose her Clan, he is respectful. Even though he turns back into the irritable character he always was after, I still love the moments where their love for each other is shown throughout the books, even when no longer mated. The rating is also higher considering their union spurs the plot for my favorite arc of Warriors, Power of Three, following the forbidden kits of Leafpool and Crowfeather, unbeknownst to them or most of the Clans until book six, SunriseCrowfeather originally denies his parentage to Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather, but later scenes show that he does feel love for them and Leafpool still, despite everything.

Stormfur and Brook Where Small Fish Swim
Stormfur and Brook Where Small Fish Swim in their illustration for The Ultimate Guide: Updated and Expanded Edition of 2023. Art by Owen Richardson.

Rating: 7/10

It’s either poetic or traumatic that the spawn of Graystripe and Silverstream both end up in out-of-Clan relationships. In this instance, at least Stormfur lives to tell the tale, whereas his sister Feathertail sacrifices herself for the Tribe that Brook comes from. I’ve always enjoyed this pairing and we’ve luckily had plenty of content about them in the series, even more recently (though brief) in Graystripe’s Vow. Surrounded by potential couples, with Feathertail and Crowpaw and Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw, Stormfur and Tawnypelt are the only ones of the six traveling cats who were alone. That is until they meet the Tribe of Rushing Water where the cat Brook Where Small Fish Swim catches Stormfur’s eye. They become close initially, but Stormfur leaves to finish out the journey after his sister perishes. When the Clans move back through, with his sister and mother dead and his father, Graystripe, captured, Stormfur decides to stay with his one true love, Brook, and join her Tribe. When reading that the first time, I assumed that was the last we’d ever see of the couple (and their Tribe). I would be proven wrong when later Stormfur and Brook come to the Clans and live with ThunderClan for a long while. Later, readers learn that they were banished from the Tribe when Stormfur’s plan to save them from a violent group of outsiders failed. Of course, they make their way back to the Tribe together one day and eventually have two separate litters of kits. Their dedication to each other, staying together despite displacement and leaving homes they’ve always known, is lovable. The happy but strong-willed Stormfur paired with a similarly intelligent and courageous Brook make for a happy couple I have virtually no issues with. They’re not my favorite, so they’re still lower-rated than some others, but I’m pleased to put them at a solid seven.

Brackenfur and Sorreltail
Brackenfur and Hollypaw/leaf is a Russian illustration for The Sight. Art by E.A Savelyev.
Sol, Sorreltail, and Hollyleaf in a Russian illustration for Eclipse. Art by E.A Savelyev.

Rating: 5.5/10

Brackenfur and Sorreltail are two background characters that have fortunately been shown in the spotlight occasionally. In the first arc, Brackenfur is the apprentice of one of the prominent characters of the series, and his sister Cinderpelt is also important. The serious apprentice makes a name for himself that way, becoming a solid warrior for the authors to use when necessary. Sorreltail also began her importance early, as the kit poisoned by Darkstripe for seeing too much (she survived, obviously). In the second arc, Sorreltail is close friends with the POV character Leafpaw (later Leafpool), so we see her character grow up too. In that POV, we also see Sorreltail become closer and closer to Brackenfur, eventually becoming his mate and bearing his kits later on. I generally have no issues with this pairing, considering they’re strong separate characters–albeit in the background–so together they are just as well. I think there are missing opportunities to show them as an actual couple, which is somewhat why my rating is only middle-ground. It’s even possible that I don’t remember them being shown as a couple much, another reason why my rating is lower. Of course, I was devastated by Sorreltail’s death, especially when coupled with Ferncloud at the same time. The only positive from that was Brackenfur and Dustpelt becoming closer bonded as their mates joined the ranks of StarClan.

Dustpelt and Ferncloud
Ferncloud, Dustpelt, and Hollykit in a Russian illustration for Dawn. Art by Leonid Nasyrov.

Rating: 5/10

Similarly to the couple above, Dustpelt and Ferncloud are somewhat of a fan favorite. They are probably the longest, most dedicated background couple that is shown consistently enough to remember. They’re impeccably sweet as well, the gruff Dustpelt having the softest heart for his gentle Ferncloud. As individuals and as a couple, they’re great. However, as with most background couples, we don’t get a lot of content for them. Ferncloud kits most of the Clan in the early days, but all but one of her and Dustpelt’s children just as quickly die throughout the series (Larchkit, Hollykit, Shrewpaw, Icecloud, Foxleap, and Spiderleg). I love that they allowed her to remain a permanent queen in the nursery and how Dustpelt was one of the Clan’s designated builders, but in general, they just don’t do it for me. I also have to mention how their start is a little weird. Dustpelt was the mentor of Ferncloud’s sibling, Ashpaw, back in the first arc (The Prophecies Begin), and at this time, he was also keeping a close eye on Fernpaw(cloud). Very, very early, Dustpelt was showing signs of affection and protectiveness over her, which walks that strange fine line of pedophilia that Warriors often does. Other than that, they’re a fine enough couple and I feel confident leaving them at a middle-of-the-road rating.

Daisy and Smoky
Brambleclaw, Daisy, Cloudtail, Hazelkit/tail, Berrykit/nose, Mousekit/whisker in Chinese manga pages for Sunset. Translation and sourced from @LiaMysticV2 on Twitter/X.

Rating: 1/10

I wanted to include at least one obligatory random pairing for this article, and my friend suggested I do Daisy and Smoky. This couple only became more relevant through the books, as the helpful horseplace cat Smoky keeps coming back up. Most recently though, Daisy’s novella, Daisy’s Kin, gave us a look into Daisy’s thoughts and more into her and Smoky’s relationship. If it’s not obvious, I dislike them together as much as I can without putting it to zero. I wouldn’t find as much wrong with them if Smoky didn’t have a million other mates besides Daisy and never seemed to care for her until she took her kits to ThunderClan (who grew up to be Hazeltail, Berrynose, and Mousewhisker). Sure, he never expected her to do that and misses the connection to her and the kits, but it’s not like he fought especially hard for her. He moves on fairly quickly. It’s extra weird when his third mate, Coriander, dies and he asks Daisy to come live with him again to help raise the kits his mate left behind in death. It’d be one thing if this was a confirmed polyamorous cat and relationship, but since those don’t exist in canon Warriors, all we can assume is that Smoky isn’t loyal. It’s also clear that Daisy never felt wanted or needed in the horseplace barn, whereas she eventually learns how heavily needed she is as a permanent ThunderClan queen, helping raise and care for the Clan’s young.

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  1. ANOTHER FIRE ARTICLE AS PER USUAL!! YOU NEVER FAIL TO IMPRESS!! I absolutely agree on each of these, you have very valid and understandable takes on each relationship!! I gotta say im glad you’re including background cats as well, a lot of the time those relationships are very overshadowed in warriors in general, so it’s nice to hear about bracken sorrel / daisy smoky / fern dust for once!! though no couple in warriors is perfect, leafpool and crowfeather sure do come close for their first pov forbidden relationship!! theyre super cute for the short time they spend together ngl!!

    1. I always appreciate your comments <3. The background cats have been a little difficult to talk about because of their lack of content but I also want to give them their moment! Plus, sometimes the background relationships have more going on than the POVs!

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