Cosplay Spotlite Season One

The first season of Captain Kyle’s Cosplay Spotlight, which is being renamed Cosplay Spotlight with Captain Kyle for Season 3 and beyond, is a total of nineteen episodes. In addition to a talk show style interview with a cosplayer, first in character and then as themselves, there are additional segments such as con tips, young cosplayer interviews, actor interviews and even some games with cosplayers at cons.

Our cosplayer guests include: Anna of Arendale, Doctor Doom, Carl Grimes, Cheetara, Supergirl, Nick Fury, Liv Moore, Thor, the Autobot Cosmos, Martha Jones, Juliet Starling, Tony Stark, Han Solo, Agent 47, Black Widow, a Captain of the RMN, Raven, Emperor Maus (Mickey Mouse) and the Governor from The Walking Dead.