Official Warrior Cats B&N Meetups for New Graphic Novel

It is a first in my long-time Warriors fan journey: an in-person officially sanctioned Warrior Cats Barnes & Noble meetup! Celebrating the release of the Warriors Graphic Novel: The Prophecies Begin #1 this meetup includes trivia, a costume contest, and giveaways and prizes.

Posted by @erinhunterbooks on Instagram, the Erin Hunter team shared information for this meetup:

📚✨ Calling all Warriors fans! Join us for the ultimate celebration of the new Warriors graphic novel, happening July 19-21 at @barnesandnoble locations across the US! 🐾🎉

Get ready for:
🧠 Warriors Trivia
🐈 Costume Contests
🎁 Giveaways and Prizes

Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate with fellow fans and immerse yourself in the world of Warriors! 🐱📖 Mark your calendars and see you there! #WarriorCatsBN

📍 Check your local B&N!

Though originally you could only check “Search Stores and Events” on the Barnes & Noble website to find local stores (or call the stores yourself), I found this wasn’t 100% accurate or updated. Luckily, the Erin Hunter Instagram page shared a document link on their story of all of the stores participating, as well as their dates. It’s still a good idea to call your chosen store to confirm and find out the time.

Warriors Graphic Novel: The Prophecies Begin #1 is set to release July 16th, the Tuesday ahead of the weekend event. Although Warriors has done graphic novel side-stories in the past, this graphic novel is the first of its kind: a retelling of the main arc books, starting with the first arc, The Prophecies Begin. Two new artists, Natalie Reiss and Sara Goetter, were hired to write, format, and illustrate the graphic novels.

A preview of the hardcover from @warriorcatshubofficial

Based on the preview already shown (and more on @warriorcatshubofficial), some edits have been made to the original story. So far, they look good, like the addition of Princess’s character from the beginning. I am a little nervous on the in-fandom arguments that might come from having two different canon stories for the same storylines (ex. the original books versus the graphic novels), but I think overall it will be good. Especially after reading the authors’ interview, I believe this is going to be a meowing-success. The respect they have for the books, as well as the assurance that they’ve read them to know what is most important for the graphic novel, is reassuring. Not to mention, the art is adorable and more accurate than some other official art!

Now the hard part… which store will I go to for the event? Look out for a review later this month from my experience. I’ll also be picking up the graphic novel at the earliest moment, so expect that article, too!

Warriors Graphic Novel: The Prophecies Begin #1 can be pre-ordered at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other major retailers.

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2 Comments on “Official Warrior Cats B&N Meetups for New Graphic Novel”

  1. LETS GOOO WACA MEETUP!!! I really wish they had one closer to my location so I could go, it sounds like such a blast!! I look forward to reading your next articles relating to this book/this meet up, I hope it’s a blast!!

    1. Ah I wish one was closer to you!! I hope my article later will help fill you in on everything.

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