Our Mission

CosplaySpotlite.com is dedicated to promoting cosplay, conventions and fandoms in a positive manner. And provide some entertainment along the way.

It is our belief that cosplay is for fun and anyone can cosplay whomever (or whatever) they wish. With that in mind, we have videos and articles that spotlight cosplayers, cosplay groups and events in ways to highlight the details of the hobby. Whether helping someone with a particular building technique, reviewing a costume or interviewing someone to get their thoughts on cosplay, we seek to expand understanding of the cosplay community and its members.

Conventions are closely associated with cosplay, but even for those who do not choose to don a costume, they are a great place to celebrate fandom. We strive to help those who wish to go to conventions learn not only where they will be held, but provide assistance in navigating them. Whether it’s due to having special dietary needs or interacting with other fans, we want to help con-goers have a great and safe time. We also like to highlight conventions with con reports to give people considering these cons an idea of what to expect.

And of course fandom is what brings everyone together. Whether you are a fan of comics, horror movies, video games, fantasy television shows or science fiction, we like to provide some fun and entertaining information about these genres. We might feature a group of Marvel cosplayers engaging in charitable works or dissect a movie for easter eggs… we just like to talk about the things we are passionate about. Discussing fandoms is a great way for fans to interact and we encourage them to do so in positive ways.

We hope you find our site informative and entertaining. We try to have something for everyone who enjoys cosplay and conventions. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to cover a topic or genre that we haven’t touched on before.

Most of all, cosplayers, we want you to have fun… and cosplay on.