An Epic Fantasy Journey in Final Testament to the Moon

I love discovering new manga and there is a variety of books for all types of readers. When seeking out manga to read I decided to check out Volume 1 of Final Testament to the Moon by Sayaka Mogi. Here are my thoughts on this manga from Glacier Bay Books!

Synopsis: There used to be many werewolves, but now only few remain… here is detailed the tragic fate of werewolf twins Skoll and Hati in this, the final testament to the moon.

“I want to hurry and grow up…”

The first volume of Sayaka Mogi’s ongoing series, this book introduces the werewolf twins who play an integral role in the story of the wolfkin tribe. This work both stands alone as an independent story and functions as a continuation of the Kodansha digital series Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice and the overarching world of Humans, Beastkin, and Hunters. Sayaka Mogi continually refines their line with the spinning of this new epic yarn of fantasy/adventure/drama.

Review: Final Testament to the Moon is a fantasy manga that is sure to spark a sense of adventure in all of its readers. Please note this is an independent story to the original Kodansha’s Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice series but is a standalone title and no prior knowledge is required. I myself am a new reader of this story’s world and was able to enjoy it without the context of the original short series.

The story is set in a world where Humans, Beastkin, and Hunters struggle to co-exist with each other. Humans (in this world) especially see anything other than themselves as a threat to their existence even though there are predators far greater than them lurking in the shadows. The wolf twins, Skoll and Hati, are put on edge because of this and struggle with enjoying their adolescence while also realizing they are the last of their kind. They rely on one another and the support of their grandfather in their wolfkin tribe.

The artwork is colorful, and all of the illustrations are absolutely stunning with their great attention to detail. Set among nature landscapes and small towns Mogi transports the readers to Skoll and Hati’s world through their eyes. You feel as if you are walking along the fields and traversing along the forest with them along with magical fantasy elements that pop up along the way. Though the first volume focuses on the twins, more of the focus is on Hati who is struggling to transform into his true form and hunting. Being unable to do so puts him at a disadvantage and an easy target for predators. He feels he doesn’t belong and this jumpstarts his journey of self-discovery.

Volume One is fast-paced and once you start reading it you won’t want to put it down. The suspenseful ending left such a cliffhanger! I’m curious about where the story will take Skoll and Hati’s journey next.

Final Verdict:

An entertaining fantasy manga for readers who enjoy adventure stories. The artwork will leave a lasting impression and the book can be easily grasped as a standalone piece. Final Testament to the Moon gets a four out of five-star rating from me!

*I received this manga from Glacier Bay Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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