Jump Into These 5 Manga Reads for Springtime

The weather outside is slowly warming up as Spring arrives and the flowers are beginning to bloom. During this time of the year, I love to seek out fresh manga that lifts your spirit and gets your heart racing. From Slice of Life to Romance here are five recommendations for manga reads you can “spring” into this season.


Alice in Kyoto Forest

For Readers That Enjoy: Retellings, Fantasy

Alice in Kyoto Forest is a charming retelling of the popular tale Alice in Wonderland, except the story is set in 1800s Japan (Kyoto). Following our main character Alice, who shares some similarities with the Classic novel she sets out for a new beginning after leaving her uncle’s house. Though Kyoto seems to accept her she is still confronted by finding out what her heart desires and what her true purpose is to stay there. With deep reflection, Alice must face her fears and find her own way.

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My Special One

For Readers That Enjoy: Romance, Idols

My Special One is about an introverted high school girl, Sahoko, who has been burned by love in the past. Because of this, she wants nothing to do with love whatsoever until she meets a top idol, Kouta. What starts out as a friendship between the two quickly develops into a crush as Sahoko starts to crumble under Kouta’s charming resolve. She tries to be able to resist his charms, but then she starts to fall deeper in love with the pop singer.

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Satoko and Nada

For Readers That Enjoy: Slice of Life, Friendship Stories

‘Satoko and Nada’ follows the narrative of a cultural exchange between a Japanese student studying in America and her new Saudi Arabian woman friend named Nada. At its core what I love most about this story is that it’s a heartwarming story of friendship. There are humorous moments, lots of delicious foods, heart-to-heart stories, and many teachable moments. They might have different customs, but through mutual respect―and the hilarious adventures of their daily life―Satoko and Nada prove that friendship knows no borders. 

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Witch Hat Atelier

For Readers That Enjoy: Fantasy, Magic

In a world where everyone takes wonders like magic spells and dragons for granted, Coco is a girl with a simple dream: She wants to be a witch. But everybody knows magicians are born, not made, and Coco was not born with a gift for magic. This world-building in this fantasy story truly whisks the readers away to Coco’s world full of whimsy and wonder. Because she is young there is a naivete that surrounds her aura, but I love her willingness to learn and explore the world around her. Her energetic spirit will warm the reader’s hearts as she does her best to navigate her journey as a witch.

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Haruka: Beyond The Stream of Time

For Readers That Enjoy: Historical, Time Travel

Akane is your typical teenage girl in this fantasy manga series until she swallows a Dragon Jewel, which transports her to the Heian period of ancient Japan! There in the city of Kyou, Akane learns that she has been foreordained to lead the people as the Priestess of the Dragon God!  Akane appoints eight young men, the Hachiyo, to stand by her side as she faces the danger that awaits her. The artwork has a dreamlike quality which gives the readers a feeling that they have been transported to a whole different world.

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What manga do you recommend reading during the Springtime?

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