6 More Pisces Anime Characters

We have reached the final weeks of winter, and spring simultaneously feels right around the corner yet hopelessly far away. It’s appropriate that the time of year when many people start dreaming longingly of flowers and sunshine coincides with Pisces season, as people born between February 19 and March 20 are often emotional and escapist. Here are 6 anime characters that belong to the Pisces zodiac sign!

Miya Chinen (SK8 The Infinity) – February 22

Miya isn’t your typical sensitive Pisces: he’s cocky and arrogant, and always tearing others down. However, this self-assured persona is a result of being shunned by all his friends when he was younger. When skateboarding introduces him to a new group of friends, however, he comes a little bit closer to letting his guard down.

Tamaki Kotatsu (Fire Force) – February 22

Despite her loud mouth and determination to grow stronger, Tamaki is extremely clumsy and easily embarrassed. She is very insecure due to being severely bullied as a child, and this sad-but-not-tragic backstory is somehow very fitting for a Pisces.

Hajime Aoyagi (Yowamushi Pedal) – February 24

Aoyagi is a man of very few words, so it’s hard to tell what’s going on in his head. Even though he isn’t exactly one of the VIPs of Sohoku High School Team’s bicycle racing team, he quietly dreams of winning races with his best friend Teshima and making their mentor Tadokoro proud. Also, Pisces are said to be moody, and Aoyagi once described himself as being a “gloomy” person.

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa (Bungou Stray Dogs) – March 1

Akutagawa is rather unemotional as far as Pisces are concerned; the world has been cruel to him, and he dishes that cruelty right back out while still keeping his cool for the most part. But he’s not completely devoid of emotion: he continuously yearns for the praise and approval of the man who was once his mentor. Unfortunately they now belong to enemy organizations, so regaining that relationship might have to stay a fantasy. He can join Aoyagi in the Moody Gloomy Pisces Club.

Michiru Kaiou (Sailor Moon) – March 6

It’s appropriate that Sailor Neptune would belong to a water zodiac sign, since Neptune is the name of the Roman god of the sea. Michiru herself is closely connected to water, being a strong swimmer with a sea green color scheme.

Mary Saotome (Kakegurui) – March 8

Mary is surprisingly confident and hotheaded for a Pisces. However, that haughty confidence gets knocked down a peg after she is humbled by losing a game to the new transfer student. Pisces tend to find ways to adapt to their circumstances, though, so she pulls herself back together after going just a little bit crazy.

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