12 Pisces Anime Characters

Hang in there, warm weather lovers: winter is almost over. We are in the final stretch of the coldest season of the year, but before the snow starts to melt and flowers begin to bloom, we still have the entire Pisces season.

Water signs are said to be the most influenced by emotions out of all the zodiacs, and Pisces is a testament to that. Pisces are, first and foremost, emotional people. This might mean they are selflessly compassionate, or they might be a sensitive crybaby, but either way, a Pisces feels things deeply. They are extremely empathetic, and sometimes being able to understand what everyone around them is feeling is too much for them to handle; nevertheless, this emotional burden often motivates them to care for others even more strongly. Pisces have big imaginations and even bigger hearts. Here are 12 Pisces anime characters!

Miyano Yoshikazu (Sasaki and Miyano) – February 22

Pisces have such strong imaginations that they can sometimes get lost in their fantasies. In Miyano’s case, he loves BL manga so much that he often imagines his friends living out the tropes he reads about. He may only be doing this jokingly, but his imagination comes back to bite him when he starts living out those tropes! When he receives an unexpected love confession, he takes his time to fully process his own feelings before giving a response. He could have just hastily rejected the person, or even reluctantly agreed to date them just to avoid hurting their feelings, but he feels that the person deserves an honest, well-contemplated answer.

Mafuyu Sato (Given) – February 28

Mafuyu may seem spacey and naive, but on the inside, he carries the heavy burden of many strong emotions including love and grief. It is this emotionality that makes him such a powerful singer in the band despite having never been a performer before. His song, “Fuyu no hanashi,” overflows with raw emotion; personally, I cry like a baby every single time I listen to it.

Mitsukuni “Honey-senpai” Haninozuka (Ouran High School Host Club) – February 29

One persistent stereotype about Pisces is that they are crybabies, and as the picture above demonstrates, Honey-senpai fits the bill. He appears childish in both appearance and personality, which works in his favor at the Host Club since so many girls find him absolutely adorable. However, there is more to Honey than meets the eye: he is actually very perceptive to the thoughts and emotions of those around him. It takes more than just a cute face to wrap so many girls around his finger every day!

Yuri Plisetsky (Yuri!!! On Ice) – March 1

Admittedly, Yuri is far from a typical Pisces. He is rude, short-tempered, and dismissive of others’ feelings; however, he does have a softer side, which we see through his love for cats and his grandfather. Despite his harsh words, he can recognize talent in his rival ice skaters and is motivated to outperform all of them.

Haruichi Kominato (Ace of Diamond) – March 1

Here’s another sports anime character born on March 1st. Haruichi has spent most of his life living in his older brother’s shadow, but he holds no resentment towards him and works hard to have his own skills acknowledged. He is very shy and easily flustered, but being so quiet allows him to really observe others. If someone (usually his boisterous friend Eijun) is taking something too far, Haruichi will chime in to bring him down a level and keep the peace.

Sakura Matou (Fate/) – March 2

It’s no wonder that Sakura is so quiet and timid: this poor girl has been through a lot. The suffering she has witnessed and endured herself would be hard enough for anyone to bear, but it must be even worse for an emotionally-sensitive Pisces. Having a vivid imagination can be dangerous; in Sakura’s case, her assumptions and imaginings add to her already intense misery. Someone, please give this girl a hug.

Tamaki Amajiki (My Hero Academia) – March 4

Being so sensitive to the emotions of everyone around them can be nerve-wracking, so many Pisces are riddled with anxiety. Amajiki is one such Pisces. Despite his incredible talents as a hero and status as one of his prestigious school’s “Big 3” students, he lacks confidence and is introverted to the point that sometimes he’ll just stand in a corner and press his face against a wall. But he is a deeply caring person, and his desire to help people motivates him to be a hero despite his reservations.

Marin Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling) – March 5

On the surface, Marin seems more like a Leo, with how extroverted and popular she is. However, in reality, she is far more than your typical gyaru. Marin puts her heart and soul into cosplaying and cares intensely about the characters she dresses up as, always wanting to do them justice even if they’re only 2D. This compassion extends into the real world as well, as she happily befriends people based on what kind of person they are rather than their social status, despite being a popular beauty queen herself.

Shiemi Moriyama (Blue Exorcist) – March 6

In my opinion, Shiemi is the best example of a Pisces on this entire list. She is extremely gentle and compassionate, especially when it comes to plants. Plants and humans may be incredibly different, but plants are still living things, so I believe that people with green thumbs are a special kind of empathetic. Shiemi is naive and a bit timid, yet she cares deeply for her friends and is brave when she needs to be.

Sakamichi Onoda (Yowamushi Pedal) – March 7

Onoda is an angel, and one of my favorite sports anime protagonists. He is both easily excitable and flustered because he is extremely passionate about the things he enjoys (i.e. anime and bicycling), but he also doesn’t want to annoy anyone with his enthusiasm. He puts his friends and teammates before himself and always tries his absolute hardest so that he never lets anyone down.

Ichigo Momomiya (Tokyo Mew Mew) – March 15

Somehow it makes perfect sense for the main heroine of a magical girl anime to be a Pisces. Ichigo certainly did not ask to save the world, but she accepts her powers anyway (even if there are a few tears and tantrums along the way). It is thanks to her being so friendly and empathetic that the four other Mews come together in the first place, and she leads them with courage and optimism, even though all she wants to do is go on a date with her crush.

Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen) – March 20

Itadori just barely made the cut-off to be a Pisces, but we can see that he truly does belong under this star sign because of his compassion. Though easygoing and a bit aloof, Itadori cares strongly for others and is always willing to put himself in dangerous situations to protect people. But his kindness doesn’t end with his friends and allies: he hesitates to kill anyone, no matter how evil, because he believes every living thing deserves a proper death. Now that is some Pisces-level empathy if I’ve ever seen it.

Who is your favorite anime Pisces? Is it a character from this list, or is it someone I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments!

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