Tower of God Anime Season 2: What Arcs Should Be Read First?

Tower of God fans (both webcomic and anime) can rejoice! On July 7th, the global streaming sensation, directed by Akira Suzuki and Kazuyoshi Takeuchi, will return for the anime’s highly anticipated second season on Crunchyroll. Ahead of the season premiere, fans can revisit the action and read the digital comic that inspired the adaptation in full on WEBTOON.

“Tower of God” by S.I.U. has been a runaway hit since its 2010 debut and was one of the first WEBTOON series to receive official English translations. The ongoing digital comic has billions of global views across 301 episodes, with four graphic novels published by WEBTOON Unscrolled, WEBTOON’s graphic novel imprint. In addition to the anime adaptation, the series has been developed into a mobile role-playing gamecollectible card game, and more. Season one of the Crunchyroll adaptation of “Tower of God” was an immense success upon launch in April 2020, and won Best Score at the 2021 Anime Awards. The upcoming season follows the digital comic arcs “The Return of the Prince” and “Workshop Battle.”

Fans can go back on WEBTOON to reread these particular arcs to prepare for Season 2 of the anime or binge the whole series again if you’re feeling brave. Tower of God, a fantasy webcomic, continues to come out on WEBTOON every Monday, currently in its third season. With 1.2 billion views and 3.5 million subscribers, new fans would be joining a huge fandom!

Alternatively, it might be fun to go in watching without re-reading and get surprised all over again by the twists and turns it takes. Considering the first season of the anime adaption released back in 2020, it’s possible to quickly binge it before jumping into the new season, too.

The Season 2 description reads:

Ja Wangnan can’t seem to pass the 20th floor. Even after failing time and time again, he refuses to give up. On his journey, he meets a mysterious and powerful character named Viole. Wangnan invites Viole to join his team of Regulars. Their journey continues with new challenges at every turn.

The series on Crunchyroll marks the latest in a string of WEBTOON digital comics to be adapted for the streaming service, with recent hits including “Viral Hit,” “True Beauty,” “The God of High School,” “Noblesse” and more.

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