4 Reasons Why The Mummy is Still Awesome

If you haven’t ever seen the 1999 cinematic masterpiece that is The Mummy, you should probably do yourself a favor and watch the cinematic masterpiece that is The Mummy. There is no better time to see it than now considering it is the 25th anniversary this year. If you have seen it already, reward yourself by watching it again. 

Released in May of 1999, The Mummy was directed by Stephen Sommers and was a huge hit with critics and audiences alike. It grossed over 400 million dollars with an 80 million dollar budget and has left a legacy. There were sequels made, an animated television series, and even a pretty great ride at Universal Studios. Here are 4 reasons why The Mummy is still awesome. 

1. The Characters and Performances

Where do I begin with this? Just about everyone in this movie does exactly what they need to do. We start with Brendan Fraser who plays the dashing Rick O’Connell. He is a tough leader who can be vulnerable while being badass and having some great one-liners. 

Rachel Weisz as Evelyn is my favorite character as I feel she is the most relatable. She is smart but clumsy. Brave yet she makes mistakes. She has some of the best lines and is written well overall. She isn’t just another damsel in distress like many action-adventure movies. She is strong, vulnerable, and overall a huge part of the movie’s success. 

John Hannah as Jonathan is great comic relief. Kevin J. O’Conner as Benny is a whiny villain you love to hate. He has the best lines in the film and is so very entertaining. Of course, we have Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep who performs so well and is charismatic, scary, and yet stoic. 

2. The Effects Still Hold Up

Okay, not everything looks great but for 1999 a lot in the movie is still impressive. When the mummy is first discovered and described as “gooey” it looks great. You can tell a lot of work was put into a lot of the skeleton scenes. When Imhotep sucks the souls out of victims, what remains is pretty creepy and well done. 

Also, the big scene from the trailer where Imhotep turns into a huge sand wall holds up as well. It isn’t perfect but damn it’s just cool. Considering that for some reason, the sequels have some of the worst CGI of all time, the fact this one looks so good should be applauded. 

3. It Literally Has Something for Everyone

The Mummy doesn’t ignore the original film it’s based on. The plot is similar while having the same main characters. What it did well is blend a bunch of different genres for this updated version to reach multiple audiences. 

There is a ton of adventure throughout as well as action but that isn’t all. If that isn’t your thing, there is a ton of comedy throughout. There are also creepy moments for sure. There is simply something for everyone in this movie. There is fantasy, there is romance, and all the scenes mesh so well together. 

4. It is Never Boring

The most important reason why this movie still resonates with audiences today is that this movie is over 2 hours long and it is never boring. Even with all the action and thrilling moments, the movie knows not to take itself so seriously. Characters can be goofy while also being heroic and it makes for a very entertaining time. 

Once again, if you have never seen this movie give it a watch. It isn’t always often when everything hits on just about every level. The Mummy succeeds where many others don’t in being able to capture just what makes film amazing while being able to put a smile on your face. 

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