5 Webtoons by Black Creators To Put on Your Radar

It’s Black History Month! I’m always chatting about webtoons and webtoon adaptations here at Fandom Spotlite so I thought that I’d love to put the focus on some fantastic Black webtoon/webcomic creators to check out this month and beyond. These are only a few picks but some comics that you should consider adding to your reading list as soon as possible.

Afro Adventures

If Slice of Life webtoons are your cup of tea, you should check out Afro Adventures by MysticalScribbles. This webtoon follows the author’s daily adventures in life and her hair escapades. Though short and written in a snippet style, this webtoon is charming from its colorful illustrations to its relatability.

It speaks to the everyday reader about common topics from travel to a bad hair day which makes it enjoyable to read. When I need a brief reprieve from my day, I appreciate webtoons such as Afro Adventures that help me put a smile on my face or make me laugh out loud.

Not Another Cliché

Simkray takes readers to a fantasy world in the webtoon Not Enough Cliché. This slice-of-life comedic fantasy series follows the main character Sky who is dropped into another virtual world and must go through numerous obstacles in order to rise to the top!

This story is sure to take you on a fantasy adventure that is suspenseful and whimsical. Sky makes for an entertaining main character with her sarcastic wit and the dazzling illustrations (with vibrant colors) are sure to pull you into the story.

The Uncommons

Fans of superhero stories will want to read The Uncommons by Team Weird Enough. In this webtoon, readers follow the story of Iris who is optimistic even though she knows the end of the world is coming. She decides to run away from home and cross continents to stop her apocalyptic visions from coming true. She finally finds potential allies with divine abilities in Delta City, but will she be able to save the day?

Everyone likes a character that you can root for along with a journey of self-discovery narrative. These are two elements you’ll definitely find in this comic along with some action and characters with cool supernatural abilities.


In this romance webtoon by edbe, the main character Leon is paired up with Sofia, the girl he has a crush on, for a school project. Excited for a new opportunity to bring them together, circumstances are propelled even further when she proposes a deal to him that will make them closer than they ever expected.

If romance is your jam, then LMLY’s blossoming love story is sure to catch your eye. With a beautiful pastel color palette and overall soft art style, it immediately immerses you in Sofia and Leon’s story. Both characters feel misunderstood and readers watch them try to handle their complex feelings about dating and relationships.

Sunflowers for Dragons

In Sunflowers for Dragons by hiashleynine, readers follow the story of Lee, a very grumpy and somewhat reclusive demon hunter who can’t let go of his past. Angela, a cambion born for tragedy is running from her past. When Lee & Angela cross paths under unusual circumstances, it comes to a major turning point in both of their complex lives.

This webtoon (though currently on a hiatus) is full of mythology and tangled character dynamics. While immersed in the fantasy and romance genre this series overall is a story about dealing with the past and moving towards the future.


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