Bring Out the Magic in You with the Winx x ColourPop Collection

It’s transformation time! ColourPop has released its first collab of the year with Winx Club. Sadly, this collab came on the heels of the Netflix cancellation of the live-action version of Fate: The Winx Saga. This 12-piece collection may or may not be a limited edition as ColourPop collections tend to be continuously restocked. So I wouldn’t worry just yet if your favorite item is sold out. All these products are cruelty-free.

Winx Club x ColourPop Collection

Let’s get into this dazzling collection:

Just Like Magix eyeshadow palette – $24: This is a 15-shade eyeshadow palette, with a mix of matte, metallics, glitters, and super shock finishes. This is a rainbow palette but a mix of brights, pastels, and transformative shades. The palette harks back to the colorful essence of the cartoon. I feel they did a great job with the color story and finishes.

Trix Glow lite stix – $11: This collection has three shades: Darcy- mint silvery gold duo chrome, Stormy- pink lilac teal duo chrome, and Icy- metallic white. These creamy highlighter sticks are an easy-to-use formula that is buildable. You can use this all over the face and body.

Magix Pout glossy lip – $10: There are 6 glosses in this set: Musa- fuchsia, Tecna- lavender, Stella- tangerine, Aisha- turquoise, Flora- honey, and Bloom- baby pink. These are all vegan, sheer shimmery glosses. The color is a light tint but they will go on with a sheer shimmer.

Winx Club x ColourPop Collection

Enchantix glitterly obsessed – $10: This is an opalescent glitter gel with chunks of round glitter. This formula is easy to use as you don’t need any glitter glue to apply it. Transform into your ultimate Winx self with this beautiful glitter gel that can be applied anywhere. This is a vegan formula.

Crystal face jewels sheet – $10: These come with 70 face crystals that are inspired by your favorite Winx characters. They are all reusable. They have 5 different colors and 4 different shapes. Use these to take your Winx look to the next dimension.

Winx Club x ColourPop Collection

The full collection: $125
Magix Pout gloss set: $54
Trix Glow lite stix set: $29 
Winx Fairy Dust  – face gems and glitter obsessed: $18

What I’m grabbing from the collab- I would definitely get that palette. I have a lot of rainbow palettes, but the shades and different formulas make the difference. I would also get the Winx Fairy Dust bundle, I love anything extra for the face that can also be used in your hair and body.

I think they did the right shades and chose the right products for this collection. Do you feel like Colour Pop did the Winx Club justice?

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