3 Popular WEBTOON Comics with Physical Copies

With the rise in popularity among digital comics, it’s exciting when they get turned into physical copies. WEBTOON, the free webtoon platform, has plenty of opportunities for authors to capture hearts and bring their comics beyond the digital-scape and into the hands of readers. The three WEBTOON comics below have achieved this for their audience.


Published this month on November 21st, Indonesian author refrainbrow (real name, Ray) has created a cheerful, colorful, and surprisingly deep story that looks amazing in print. Boyfriends. follows the life of four college students: Prep, Jock, Goth, and Nerd. Eventually, all of them realize they have feelings for each other, which begins their adventure as a polycule! This series has extraordinary representation for people in the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as tackling serious subjects such as depression, consent, and insecurity in relationships. It’s as cozy as a warm blanket on a rainy day, and absolutely worth the effort to start collecting physical copies and catching up on the episodes through WEBTOON. Volume 1 covers episodes 1-55!

Boyfriends. can now be purchased here.


Created by uru-chan, or Chelsea Han, unOrdinary has become one of the most popular series on WEBTOON. In a society where social power and hierarchy is determined by special powers or abilities, John is trying to live ordinary within his high school. His complex past catches up with him, intertwining his life with many other powerful elites of Wellston High, including his best friend, Seraphina. The series goes beyond inner conflict as bigger conspiracies rise up through the episodes. With a vast cast of diverse characters, unOrdinary is a well-paced superpower comic that any reader can fall in love with. Out now, Volume 1 covers episodes 1-45, while Volume 2 was announced to release on July 2nd, 2024 and cover episodes 46-76.

unOrdinary Volume 1 can be purchased on Amazon.

The Croaking

Nothing says fantasy like people with birds wings! The Croaking was created by Megan Grey, who’s name on WEBTOON is echorise. It focuses on main characters, Ky, Scra, and Ree, who all have secret pasts and motivations. On the last island of civilization, they struggle to discover what each is hiding while simultaneously trying to uncover whether the superweapon “The Croaking” exists. As someone who thinks about being able to soar through the sky, this series fulfills the fantasy with the proper kick of drama. Volume 1 covers episodes 1-25, whereas Volume 2 covers episodes 26-49. The author has confirmed through Instagram comments that each volume will contain around 25 episodes each. With 214 episodes so far (220 with fast pass) and counting, readers can expect many more volumes in the future!

Both volumes of The Croaking can be purchased on AmazonVolume 1 & Volume 2.

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