WEBTOON and Archie Comics Announce Big Ethel Energy Season 2

Are you an avid reader of webtoons? Then get excited because WEBTOON has announced that the digital comic collaboration, Archie Comics: Big Ethel Energy, will return with new episodes on Feb. 21, exclusively on WEBTOON.

Big Ethel Energy imagines the classic Archie character for a new generation of comic fans.  Created by writer Keryl Brown Ahmed and lead artist Siobhan Keenan the series follows Ethel years after her high-school years in Riverdale as a  journalist. Big Ethel Energy earned a Ringo Award nomination for Best Webcomic in 2022 and has notched more than 22 million views and 385,000 subscribers since its initial launch in Sept. 2021. The series has also been adapted into a successful print graphic novel last year.

In Season 2, readers follow Ethel who is ready to let go of the past and give love a shot. However, maintaining a relationship with Moose Mason is more challenging than she thought it would be. Will miscommunication, doubt, and their meddlesome friends in Riverdale cause Ethel and Moose to fall apart, or will their relationship become even stronger?

“Archie Comics is so incredibly excited to return to Ethel’s world with season 2 of Big Ethel Energy and to continue our esteemed partnership with Webtoon,” said Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante. “This has been the natural progression of long-term storytelling for Archie—focusing on heartwarming, romance-fueled stories that allow the characters the space and time to grow and change, suitable for a modern audience. Ethel is our fearless leader, and season 2 continues her journey, navigating the tricky waters of balancing a job that can be more political than she expected, a new relationship and the ups and downs that brings, and understanding the evolution of her friendships and her place in her hometown of Riverdale.”

With its innovative mobile vertical scroll format, WEBTOON has reinvented the global comic industry by bringing digital comics to the mainstream for a new generation of readers and creators.

Check out the return of Big Ethel Energy on Feb. 21, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday, here.

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