Blockbuster Party Game Brings the Nostalgia

Watching a movie these days is as easy as pushing a button. Now, we can sit on the couch and automatically have thousands of options at our fingertips. The video store is a thing of the past. Friday nights used to consist of heading down to the local Blockbuster or Family Video and picking a movie just based on the cover. Could be a bad movie. Could be a bad movie. Either way, it was always a fun experience. Big Potato Games has released a Blockbuster party game that helps us relive some of that nostalgia.

How to Play

The game takes about 30 minutes to complete and is for 4 or more players. The rules are pretty simple. There are two parts to this game. First, divide into 2 separate teams and choose one player from each team to represent in the head-to-head.

A buzzer is placed in the center of the table in head-to-head while a category card is read. The card can read anything from “movies about Christmas” to “movies with a number in the title”. Players hit the buzzer to start the 15-second timer. They then take turns naming an answer until someone runs out of ideas or the timer goes off. This mini-game and the first portion of the game determine who gets to go first in the next part.

For the second portion of the game, the team who won the head-to-head chooses a player to take 6 random cards. These cards have random names of movies on them. The player chooses the 3 that they feel they could quickly get their team to guess. They give the remaining 3 to the other team.

On the board, there are 3 options for where to place your cards. You have “one word”, “quote it”, and “act it”. In one word, you have to get your team to guess the movie by only saying one word. In quote it, you have to say a quote from the film and have your team guess it. For act it, it is essentially a game of charades. Dont speak. Only use actions to get your team to guess the movie. You place the cards you have strategically on any spot. Hold the buzzer down to start the 30-second timer and begin.

There are random genres of movies in the game such as horror, action, and comedy. The first team to collect 8 different genres of movies wins the game.


The game is a lot of fun and can definitely test your movie knowledge. The board design is fun and nice to look at as well, as it literally is the parking lot of Blockbuster. It comes with a stand as well that’s pretty awesome. The box looks like a clasp vhs tape is also a nice touch.

The game is also easy to learn and quick to play which is just what you want for a party game.


The only real con that I could talk about is that the game is pretty niche. If you do not have the nostalgia for Blockbuster or you aren’t really into movies, this game may not be for you. People might have a rough time trying to quote a film or guess a film they have never heard of.


The Blockbuster Party Game is a quick-paced fun time for fans of all genres of movies. It also is a nice little time capsule that might get you looking for your old Blockbuster member card. Big Potato Games has also released a sequel game that has more cards and more movies. Recently they also released a Blockbuster and Chill game for specifically 2 players. This game is similar except it comes with a little more freedom with players being able to come up with their own movies for others to guess.

The Blockbuster Party Game is available now to purchase on Amazon.  

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