Top 5 Dads in Anime

People always cheer on moms and their ability to love even the roughest kids but dads always get pushed to the side. They can be harsh with their kids sometimes, but in the end, many love them more than life itself. I think these dads are some of the most loveable and passionate dads in all anime.

5: Piccolo

Piccolo doesn’t have kids of his own, but he certainly took care of Gohan who needed a father figure most of the time. Every time Goku was busy, Piccolo was the one who stepped up for Gohan. Piccolo treated Gohan as if he was his son. It’s genuinely Piccolo’s care that Gohan managed to become a great human and a fighter. Piccolo’s contribution as a parent should not be overlooked, as not even many biological parents take care of children in such a manner.

4: Kazuma Sohma

Kazuma had terrible memories of how he treated the cat spirit as a child so it seems that’s why he took on Kyo Sohma; he didn’t want him mistreated or unloved, so he adopted him as a form of atonement. It took some time, but Kazuma soon looked to Kyo as his own. They experienced many life-changing moments together, which only brought them closer. Kazuma’s bond with Kyo is heartwarming.

3: Spirit Albarn

Spirit is a genuinely caring and passionate parent, longing for the love and acceptance of his daughter. He has been shown to support her, even when she denies it continuously. Spirit actively tries to be an excellent father to Maka and always shows his love even though he may fail more than he succeeds. He constantly shows his pride in her and has been known to put his life on the line to protect Maka.

2: Ryoji Fujioka

Ryoji has a highly loving relationship with Haruhi. He always cheers on his daughter and wants only the best for her. He constantly dramatically worries about her and fawns over anything she does. He continually tries to dress her more feminine cause he worries about her fitting in, unlike how he never fits in, but Haruhi has only humored him very few times. It is easily seen that they love each other passionately and happily.

1: Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes is the best dad in the whole anime world! He was a completely devoted family man who annoyed anyone he came upon for how much he gushed about them. Maes Hughes adored his family more than anything else in life, especially his daughter. His wife loved him so deeply, and it was easily seen beside the daughter; she never got annoyed by him. His daughter also loved him very much, and it broke her heart when she saw Maes being buried. They were simply a perfect family, and I doubt anyone in anime loved each other more.
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