FEAR THE WALKING DEAD 6×10 Reaction – The Governor Reacts

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10, “Handle with Care,” details the meeting of various factions in the area, Morgan’s community, Virginia’s former holdings under Strand’s authority, Sherry and her band of idiots, plus Sarah as representing… the hospital crew? Or the Lollipop Guild. They meet to discuss the “End is the Beginning” folks and things don’t go as planned. Morgan leaves Daniel in charge and stuff hits the fan. The Governor reacts to the items striking the fan and gives a full review after the reaction. WARNING: Spoilers for this episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

FTWD S06E10 finds Morgan racing to find a fetal monitor for Grace right after all the community leaders show up for a WTF Do We Do Summit, and Daniel is left in charge. Things go sideways as an explosion rocks the community, biters start to converge and their store of weapons goes missing. Daniel does his best to keep things under control, but the danger is far worse than he can imagine. Suspicions fly with fingers being pointed by Sherry, Victor Strand being thrown into a cell and Danay’s super helpful warnings about what happened at the oil field. The Governor reacts to all this, but is only really happy that Skidmark has returned.

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