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Over the past couple of years, I’ve been getting more into reading webtoons. I love their format, the variety of stories, and the accessibility to read these comics on the go. I’ve even watched small-screen adaptations of some of my favorite stories. Today I’m sharing some webtoons that you should read on the Line Webtoon app.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by Fishball

If you enjoy slice of life, one-shot comic reading, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend is a lot of fun. This webtoon follows the author Fishball as she navigates Malaysian life with her 6’5″ geeky boyfriend.

This webtoon is cute and funny as Fishball takes readers through her daily life experiences and gives insight into her relationship with her boyfriend. There’s a lot of witty banter between the two, and the stark height difference adds to the slapstick comedy aspect. It’s not a webtoon that you must read in order since they are one-shots, but each episode is entertaining. It always makes me smile!

Cursed Princess Club by Lambcat

This fantasy webtoon is a fun twist on fairytale tropes. The story follows Gwendolyn, a princess who has a big heart but isn’t particularly attractive. She accidentally stumbles upon the twisted world of the Cursed Princess Club, and her life changes. The club’s ladies are princesses that don’t “fit the mold” and end up helping each other fix their curses.

This webtoon had me laughing from the very first chapter. It’s a story about finding your inner beauty and loving yourself. Gwendolyn has such a big heart, and I love how supportive her sisters (and family) are of her. Through joining the Cursed Princess Club, she and other members learn to be more confident. It’s funny and heartwarming! Some fun supernatural and magical elements really add to the story. Some plot twists will throw the reader for a loop. What I love most about this webtoon is that it has an entertaining cast of characters!

Ghost Wife by Se Jeong

Ghost Wife is a webtoon with a blend of horror and romance. Liz thinks she has normal teenage problems but then somehow finds herself married to an over-protective demon with a mysterious aura.

The art style is interesting in this webtoon, and the illustrations of the creepy ghosts and other supernatural creatures send a chill down the reader’s spine. It definitely creeped me out many times due to subtle jump-scare moments. There aren’t any moving animations within the comics, but some ghosts are a bit unsettling to look at. What I enjoyed about this story is the suspense factors, and I liked that it keeps throwing me off solving the mysteries with solid plot twists. It has many memorable characters and a seamless blend of two sub-genres that are complete opposites.

SubZero by Junepurr

In SubZero, Clove is the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan who has to marry her greatest sworn enemy in order to bring peace to her land.

Not only did the story pique my interest from the synopsis alone, but the artwork is so amazing! The illustrations are incredibly detailed and colorful, enhancing the overall reading experience. The colors and detail bring the story to life. The world-building is strong, and the story pulls you in from the first chapter. SubZero is one epic fantasy with romance, rivalry, ancient dragons, and lots of action. It makes the readers curious to see if the two kingdoms can truly unite. Plus, dragons are cool!

What webtoons are you currently reading?

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