7 Walking Dead Characters We Need To See In The Spin-offs

Even though fans of The Walking Dead said goodbye to the long-running zombie series last year, the franchise is still alive and well. Fear The Walking Dead returns with its eighth and final season this month, and other previously announced spin-offs aren’t far behind. 

In case you missed it, AMC announced last year that The Walking Dead would venture into three new spin-offs focused on beloved characters from the original series: Dead City will focus on the next chapter of Maggie and Negan’s complicated dynamic and will follow the pair to New York City. The yet untitled Daryl Dixon show will see the franchise head to France, while the also untitled Rick and Michonne series promises to tell an epic love story about the duo trying to find one another.

Each new series promises to take the world of The Walking Dead in very different directions and offers up the possibility for many surviving characters to re-enter the fold. And while there are no guarantees we will see previous characters show up again, we can’t help but wonder who could make an appearance in one of the shows.

With that in mind, here are 7 Walking Dead characters we want to see return in the spin-offs. 

Carol Peletier
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon; group - The Walking Dead
Carol has been a staple character throughout every season of The Walking Dead, serving as a pivotal character from the very beginning. A franchise original, Carol’s story was set to continue alongside Daryl in the initially announced “Daryl and Carol” show. Unfortunately, Melissa McBride could not commit to the series after production moved to France, but her long-running relationship with Daryl seems destined to continue at some point. The pair’s dynamic has been a huge talking point amongst fans for years and is one the franchise should revisit in the future. 
Judith Grimes 
'Walking Dead': Judith Grimes, Explained
Although arriving to the party a little late, Judith quickly became one of the more popular characters in the show’s later seasons. Part vulnerable child and little ass-kicker, Judith brought a whole new perspective to the show and filled the void left by Carl. Sadly, the only interaction between Rick and Judith took place when she was an infant, leaving Cailey Fleming’s version of the character yet to meet her father. The Rick and Michonne series offers the chance for a long overdue family reunion, which could push forward into new terrain or deliver a satisfying conclusion to their story. The only issue is finding a way to bring Shane back… 
The Governor
governor the walking dead

Ok, we’re venturing off course a little here as obviously, The Governor won’t be returning in any of the new series. However, Tales of The Walking Dead offers up the possibility for a Governor prequel episode (should it be renewed for a second season). Without a doubt, The Governor was one of the most compelling villains the series has seen and a backstory covering his rise to power needs to be told. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has already written a novel, titled Rise of The Governor, which covers this very subject, so there would already be a lot of source material for any production to work with. Make it happen Gimple, make it happen!

 Morgan Jones 

Morgan Jones’ story could very well come to its conclusion in Fear The Walking Dead’s final season, but it feels like there’s more left to do with this character. Morgan appeared in the pilot episode of the franchise where he came across Rick Grimes, and the pair have been intrinsically connected since. It’s safe to assume their paths won’t cross again in Fear, so an appearance from Morgan in the Rick and Michonne series could work well. While that series will be focused on its titular characters’ search for one another, the prospect of multiple seasons provides an opportunity for us to see more than one reunion. And fans truly deserve to see Rick and Mogan share the screen at least one more time.

Dwight & Sherry
Fear the Walking Dead

Dwight and Sherry have made Fear their new home, but the pair’s tumultuous relationship stems back to events under Negan’s rule. The pair’s time with The Saviors both divided and traumatized them, and they’re still struggling to piece things together. Although we as fans have seen Negan attempt to redeem himself over the years, both Dwight and Sherry have not and are still left with unresolved grief and hatred. Dead City would be the perfect place to explore this storyline once again and would allow the Negan redemption arc to take on a new dynamic. 

Alicia Clark

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark in Fear the Walking Dead

Alicia Clark’s exit from Fear The Walking Dead left many fans unhappy and her character deserves a more fitting conclusion. Throughout the years, fans got to see Alicia’s evolution from frightened teen sister to fearless leader, but didn’t get a satisfying end to her story – especially since she never got to reunite with Madison. The last we saw, Alicia was heading off on her own journey, so her current whereabouts are unknown. This allows for a potential return to occur in any of the spin-offs. Recent Twitter conversations between Alycia Debnam-Carey and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have given us hope that Alicia could find her way to New York City at some point down the line. Could Madison follow suit?…

So, there are 5 Walking Dead characters we want to see make a return in the spin-offs. Who do you want to see return? Let us know in the comments section.

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC on May 14th, while Dead City debuts on June 18th. 


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