Eric Killmonger’s Anime OST Playlist for Successful Revenge

Allow us to reintroduce you to Eric N’Jadaka Killmonger.

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He likes anime. 

He is also a highly trained killer…hence the whole Killmonger name. He is also the cousin of King T’Challa of Wakanda.  T’Challa’s father, King T’Chaka, killed Eric’s father (N’Jobu), also T’Chaka’s brother.

Are we allowed to show that? 

After witnessing the murder of his father, Eric desired revenge. He spent his life playing a long game to get that revenge.

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You sure are. <3

Revenge is a common theme in anime, and knowing Killmonger is a lover of anime, you know he has a playlist of anime songs to keep him motivated. After all, music makes hard work more fun; indeed, it works the same for revenge. Right?

After much discussion with my illustrious council( Victor Dandridge Jr, Joseph Davis, and Matt Portter), we carefully curated Killmonger’s Anime OST Playlist for Successful Revenge! These songs are from anime; we are confident this warrior enjoys.  And, if anime can help Eric, it can help you. Whether it is revenge, a good workout, during work, these tunes will keep lasered focus.  Or distract you. Results may vary.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Opening 1 | Just Communication – For When You Have to Rob a Museum

Does part of your plan involve robbing a British museum with the artifacts of your ancestors? Does it also include working with your nemesis? Then you’re going to need a song to remind you this is for your revenge! This is for your father! You prepared excellent lines to say to the ignorant museum curator. You can do this! Just Communication will get your blood pumping and make you feel confident.

Cowboy Bebop – The Real Folk Blues Ending Theme – For When You Have to Sacrifice Your Girlfriend

Sometimes plans do not go as intended. You forget your map, get the guard schedule incorrect, or your girlfriend/minion gets taken as a hostage. What is a man to do? There are many options, but this one is for you if you select to shoot your girlfriend and her captor. Yes, the pain of losing someone you love is a deep one. Let the sweet healing sounds of Real Folk Blues bring you closer to acceptance. For it is better to have love and have lost than not to have loved at all. You will be missed, nameless woman.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Kurayami Karano Tsukai · Kow Otani – For When You are Newly Single

Your plan for revenge suddenly finds you newly single. Hey, it happens. Now, you have to get yourself back out there and in tip-top shape. Not only will you need a solid physique to challenge your cousin, but you need to look suitable for future queens.  Look in a mirror shirtless and flex to the raging tunes of Kurayami Karano Tsukai.  Admire your muscular body, the marking for each kill you have made, your glorious hair, and your Wakandan lip tattoo.  You are sensational, and anyone would be lucky to have you.

Bleach – Opening 7 | After Dark – For When Getting ready to Build a Gundam

Picture this: You are on your way to see Tony Stark. He is in his convertible with the top down. Stark is taking you to build a Gundam. Your own personal Gundam army, based on your original designs. Today is going to be a good day. After Dark is the celebration song for a plan going smoothly on the track. Tony suspects nothing; after all, you saved his life! Everything is coming up Killmonger!

Samurai Champloo – Opening Theme – Battlecry| When You’re at the Climax of Your Plan

The time is now! You have made it to Wakanda. You killed your nemesis. Your outfit is on point. You are walking towards your estranged family. You drop the truth on all of those in the throne room like a draw four on a plastic picnic table. They are all in awe. In your mind, you hear this song. You have used the skills of a samurai to get you to this very moment. Now top it all off with a one-liner that will send chills down their bones.

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Now all you have to do is revel in your successful revenge!

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Ummm…hurry up and this.

We hope Killmonger’s Anime OST Playlist brings you closer to your goals! What anime music would be on your playlist? Let’s chat about all things anime and MCU in the comments and online. And remember, if your plan doesn’t work in one reality, try a different one.

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