CAPTAIN AMERICA: NEW WORLD ORDER Star Discusses What Makes His Cap Different

Anthony Mackie is going to have his work cut out for him as the new Captain America in the MCU. Steve Rogers left behind some big shoes to fill, and as we saw in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson is ready to take on the mantle of Captain America.

His story will continue in director Julius Onah’s Captain America: New World Order, which is sure to tell an interesting story. Mackie recently opened up about taking on the role of Cap and how his character is different from Steve Rogers and the rest of the superheroes in the MCU. He explained to Empire Magazine:

“Sam is the only character without superpowers. He’s just a regular dude hanging out with a bunch of weirdos. Being from New Orleans, I’ve been in a few fights. And heart and charisma never helped me in a fight. That usually just got me beat up. So that might cause an issue when you go fight somebody like Thanos.

“So, I think with him, he has to come to the stage with a very different understanding of what it is to be a good guy or be a bad guy and what are the decisions that make you toe that line in the way that you did. So, I just see him as more of a humane Cap as opposed to a distinctive judge Cap — [a] Cap of judgment, where this is right and this is wrong. There are decisions that make you choose right or wrong.”

So, it sounds like his version of Cap will be operating in more of a grey area of decision-making, which makes sense. That should make things more exciting and add a different dynamic to the Avengers team.

We don’t have any story details to share for the movie, but we do know that Harrison Ford’s MCU character Thaddeus Ross will be president of the United States. Kevin Feige talked about this dynamic in the movie: “There’s a dynamic between President Ross and Sam Wilson. They have a history together, but in this film, we’ll see the dynamic between Captain America and the president of the United States in an incredible way.”

I’m inquisitive to see what that’s going to be like. The script for New World Order was written by Dalan Musson and Malcolm Spellman, both of whom wrote for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Spellman will produce alongside Feige. The movie also stars Shira Haas, Tim Blake Nelson, and Carl Lumbly.

What do you think about what Mackie had to say about his version of Captain America?

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