Can You Beat This Quiz on Female Video Game Characters?

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we thought we would quiz you on some of gaming’s most influential characters.  These 10 badass characters have made their marks in the world of video games. How well do you know these pop culture icons?


Ms. Pac-Man and Pac-Man both have ghosts. In Ms. Pac-Man, one of her ghosts is named something different- which one?

This ghost later became purple.
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In Ms. Pac-Man, the orange ghost, Clyde, was changed to Sue. Sue later became a purple ghost and Clyde went back to being orange.

Sonya Blade works for what branch of the military?

Her father also worked for the same branch.
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Sonya Blade joined the US Special Forces, following in her father's footsteps.

Princess Zelda has 2 alter egos- one is Tetra. What is her 2nd alter ego?

This character appears in another "smashing" game.
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Zelda disguises herself as Sheik to teach Link several warp songs in Ocarina of Time.

The adorable Isabelle made her debut in what Animal Crossing game?

Isabelle has worked as a public servant TWICE.
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Isabelle made her debut in New Leaf, where she assists the new mayor, who turns out to be you.

What is the name of the bar Tifa Lockhart works in?

This is also a popular tv show from the 90s and 00s.
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7th Heaven was also the home base for Avalanche.

In what DS game does Princess Peach rescue Mario and his friends?

Her game has something in common with the other characters.
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In Super Princess Peach, Peach has to save Mario and the others. Lucky for her she has the help of a talking parasol.

In Street Fighter canon, what is Chun-Li's official occupation?

It explains why in different games you can find Li all over the world.
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Chun-Li has been an Interpool Officer for a long time. In the 90s Street Fighter movies, Chun-Li did pretend to be a TV Reporter to get close to M. Bison.

Jill Valentine has appeared in how many games?

Zombies aren't the only things she has fought.
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Jill Valentine has been around for 25 years! Besides being in Resident Evil games, the spin-offs, and remakes. She has also been a playable character in Marvel vs Capcom.

Which of these is NOT a villain Samus Aran has to defeat?

One of these belongs to another character on this quiz.
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Gannon is from the Legend of Zelda Series. However, in Smash Bros, Samus can fight another famous Zelda character-Gannondorf.

An Urban Legend said that completing the original Tomb Raider would unlock what special mode?

Lara Croft is seen as a sex symbol.
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Nude Mode or Nude Raider would allow players to play the game but Lara would be entirely naked. This happened to be false. However, there were fan mods done to the PC version that would have Lara be naked.

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