Can You Guess These Popular Shojo Anime? Test Your Knowledge!

The world of shojo is vast and wide with many subgenres such as romance, drama, historical, and magical girl. Fans have enjoyed a multitude of great shojo manga over the years but how well do you know popular and/or classic shojo anime? Take this quiz and see how many of these shows you can recognize!

Which anime features two top student rivals competing against each other but then falling in love?

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Which 90’s anime features a child star and her coming of age story?

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Which show about a girl and her friend who are transported to a mythical version of an ancient world has spawned multiple manga series due to its popularity?

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Which shojo anime is known for having a opposites attract love story between an introvert and extrovert?

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Which anime that debuted in 1996 is perhaps the most recognized and fondly remembered magical girl anime outside of Japan after Sailor Moon?

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Which series is about a young woman who tries to be a top star as a way to get back at guy who deceived her?

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Which notable 2000s anime is a parody of the harem genre but also introduced a new horde of fans to the shojo genre?

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Which anime has is famously known for being associated with horoscopes and animals?

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Which anime is considered to be more of a josei anime than a shojo?

Fans love this series to pieces, but the manga is on a hiatus.
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Which shojo anime has lots of vampires, except these ones don’t sparkle?

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Can You Guess These Popular Shojo anime? Test Your Knowledge!
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