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In our last Fandom Gift Guide, we focused on women-owned fandom businesses. It was a mixture of bigger businesses and smaller businesses. This time we want to put even more small businesses on your radar. Each of these businesses specializes in products that cater to fandom and special subcultures under the umbrella of fandom. Long story short: We got something for everyone.

BenaeQuee Creations 

BenaeQuee Creations is a handbag and costume designer with a passion for details. Her handbags are meticulously designed to perfectly capture the essence of some of the most popular fandoms. BenaeQuee Creations elevates nerd culture to high fashion. If there is something you are looking for that isn’t in her shop, she can create it; her shop welcomes custom orders!

Adopt a Tribble – Tribble Orphanarium 

If there is one thing all Star Trek fans can agree on, it’s that tribbles are cute! They are little round fluffy babies, what’s not to love? Apparently, Kirk didn’t enjoy the taste of them.  There are many tribbles that need a home and that’s where Adopt a Tribble – Tribble Orphanarium comes in! The Tribble Ophanarium is hoping to help these love tribbles find their FURever home. They also offer lots of other Star Trek and Pride merch to keep the orphanage running. The shop includes houseware, decor, accessories, tees, and more!

Geek Girls’ Castle

Geek Girls’ Castle is all about giving us femmes what we really want: fashion with functioning pockets! Geek Girls’ Castle creates fashionable skirts adorned and inspired by some of your favorite fandoms. These skirts are made with high-quality fabric, a drawstring waist for added comfort, and pockets big enough to fit an iPhone X! Along with their skirts, you can also purchase drawstring bags, scrunchies, keychains, face masks, and a lot more.  If you’re looking for something in particular, it’s definitely going to be in this castle!


Brittany Martin added a photo of their purchase

Geekanista/Geekanista5 takes the fashion of a galaxy far far away and brings it to our Earth. And, as a huge fan of Star Wars, the force is definitely with her and her shop! Geekanista’s shop features fashion and accessories inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Just look at these awesome pins!


Baby Bat Beauty 

Baby Bat Beauty may seem like a makeup brand aimed only at us goths, but if you read the names of the products you know it’s also for all nerds. From the pigmented eyeshadows, long-wearing liquid lipsticks, and liquid highlights, you’ll find references to your favorite fandoms! Exploring her shop is like finding easter eggs in a movie. While looking for all the references be sure to do some shopping too!

Artful Lynnz 

Artful Lynnz is a stationery goods and ornament shop! It also happens to be run by our very own Rachel. Artful Lynnz sells handcrafted stationery goods like cards, envelopes, and stickers. Her ornaments often feature characters from your favorite fandoms, and that includes your favorite K-pop fandom too! If you want to pick up something you know is unique and has a special touch of magic, Artful Lynnz is your shop!

The Loba Box 

The Loba Box makes accessories for fans who wish to relive some of their fashion nostalgia! Her accessories capture the fun essence of classic toys, the dark beauty of Halloween, and the glittering world of magical anime girls. Her shop includes accessories like necklaces, sunglasses, earrings, phone case inserts, and hair clips that will take you to “as if” and “infinity and beyond!”

Crescent Creepers 

Foolish mortal beret image 0
Crescent Creepers is a great name for a shop that sells cute and creepy things. This adorable shop sells apparel, pins, berets, earrings, bags, and more that give your favorite fandoms a cute transformation. She can take killer clowns, alien queens, face-huggers, and predators and make you say, “aww so cute! I need that!”

We at Fandom Spotlite know there are many small businesses out there but these are just a few we think need more love! Feel free to share with us in the comments and online who you think deserves a shoutout! Maybe we will include them in our next gift guide!

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting these amazing shops. Some of these I know personally and have ordered from, some I will be checking out right away. As a small geeky shop owner myself, I know how hard these individuals work on a daily basis.
    Thank You again!

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