8 Characters Who Would Fall for The Tinder Swindler and 1 Who Wouldn’t

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you know that there is a documentary that has taken the world by storm! Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler is the story of “Simon Leviev” and how he meticulously swindled unsuspecting women out of millions of dollars using the popular dating app Tinder. Here’s the trailer for the documentary for reference.

We highly recommend you watch the documentary!

Anyways, this got us wondering what fictional characters would be swooned and fooled by the Tinder Swindler, and we came up with a few answers. We also know one character who would for sure see right through this “Prince of Diamonds.”

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*We at Fandom Spotlite understand and sympathize with the victims of the Tinder Swindler. We are in no way making light of their experiences. This piece is an informative satire.”

Serena, Ray, and Mina From Sailor Moon 

Mina, Serena, and Ray from Sailor Moon
This adorable trio was all at one point head over heels in love with the same guys and the occasional lady. They all dream of romances like the ones they see in movies or read in manga. Don’t we all? Serena, Mina, and Ray also enjoy an aspect of mystery, which makes Tuxedo Mask and the Moonlight Knight so appealing. We can easily see these three being ensnared by Simon’s tales of danger, the high life, and the push and pull of a long-distance love affair. Lucky for these three, they barely have 20 cents between them, and they are teens. They have no money for him to steal. However, it’s important to teach teens not to believe everything hear or see. Still, we can see these sailor scouts fighting over who gets to date him first.

Princess Jasmine 

The so-called “Prince of Diamonds” swindled millions of dollars from women and men all over the world to fund his fake lifestyle. A glamorous life requires a lot of coins, so why wouldn’t a “prince” go after a wealthy princess? Princess Jasmine is about to be the heir to the throne, and there is a room in her palace filled with a variety of valuable treasures. The wise princess could see right through Jafar but, for some reason, couldn’t tell that Prince Ali was the “street rat” who saved her in the market. A hat changes everything. Like Simon, Aladdin used an alias and a wish to make himself appear like a prince.  Jasmine fell for the mystery man and was hurt when the truth was revealed. Aladdin and Jasmine eventually get married, but we could see her falling into the same game that Simon was playing if they didn’t. Sis, get the carfax before you date! 


Goku smiling
Goku may be one of the strongest fighters in multiple universes, but he isn’t necessarily the smartest. The smartest is Bulma. Goku has a long history of being naive and easily confused. If it isn’t about food, fighting, or grabbing dicks, he needs to be explained more than once. It wouldn’t take the Tinder Swindler too much work to convince Goku to borrow money from Bulma or his wife, who is a princess. We can imagine it now, “Goku, if you give me $10,000, I’ll teach you this crazy technique that will make you so strong!” And, Goku would eat that lie up. However, once Goku knows the truth, Simon better run for the hills! If Goku doesn’t find him first, ChiChi and Bulma will.

Johnny Bravo 

10 Fun Facts About 'Johnny Bravo' | Mental Floss
Speaking on naive characters, let’s talk about Mr. Bravo. Real ones know that Johnny gets down with the get down. The man loves to love, as long as you’re attractive. Gender has nothing to do with it. Rewatch the show. You’ll see. Say what you will about Simon, but he is gorgeous and uses his charismatic personality to charm the women into making a decision they usually wouldn’t. Johnny Bravo would be smitten with Mr. Swindler’s charm and flashy lifestyle. To Johnny, it would be like being with himself, and Johnny loves himself more than anyone. Simon could promise to teach Johnny his ways…for a fee. Next thing you know, Johnny is stuck in Tel Aviv with no money and a broken heart. Oh, Johnny, you have to use your other brain!

Lois Lane 

Lois Lane from Superman The Animated Series
Lois Lane is a hard-hitting reporter. She’ll do anything to get the story, even going undercover if she has to! You would assume that someone so efficient would quickly notice that Clark Kent is Superman. Yet, she was fooled by the swoop. Many of the viewers felt that the victims of the Tinder Swindler should have easily seen the charade. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say. If Simon could deceive wise women in the real world, he could do the same with Lois Lane. However, doing so would be risky because she is a reporter. What do you think will happen when she finds out? The answer: the ending of the documentary but worse because Superman would beat his ass.

The Teen Titans from Teen Titans: GO! 

This choice is self-explanatory.

Now for the one he wouldn’t fool…Velma from Scooby-Doo

Velma from Scooby Doo looking displeased
Velma is not here for the goopery, the shenanigans, or the buffoonery. Even when she loses her glasses, she is always on top of things. Simon Leviev can try to go after Velma for her money, Sis got money, honey, but there isn’t a mystery she can’t solve. She would hit him with the Jinkies and have the authorities on stand by before Simon could utter the words, “my enemies.” The real leader of Mystery Inc. knows that real monsters are people, and she eats monsters for breakfast.

That completes our list of characters that would fall for the Tinder Swindler and the one who wouldn’t.

We hope that the victims receive the justice they deserve.

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