Takara VOLCANICUS vs OVERSIZED Knock Off – Versus Review

Volcanicus is a combiner formed from the Dinobots which came out during the Transformers Power of the Primes line. The Takara version of this Autobut super warrior was shinier and came with some additional pieces to enhance the combined form. But we pit this superior official Transformers version against an oversized set of multicolored Dinobots by Black Mamba (BMB), who are identical save for the size and their Skittle style coloration. Captain Kyle pits these two sets against each other and YOU decide which is better.

During the Transformers Power of the Primes line, someone at Hasbro got the idea to create a combined form for the Dinobots. Thus, Volcanicus was born. Yes, Grimlock, Sludge, Swoop, Snarl, and Slag (Slug is a dumb name) became a giant super warrior!

But, in general, most collectors aren’t thrilled with the end result. Takara’s version is a little better with coloration and weaponry, and also provides some additional pieces to fill out the gestalt so he doesn’t look so… emaciated. This set goes up against a set of Dinobots created by third-party company Black Mamba (BMB) using the same mold, only upsized, and with very bright colors. As a bonus, we compare the Dinobot Slash by Hasbro with his oversized pink version.

To get the Generations Selects set of the Takara Dinobots, you can try eBay using this link: https://ebay.us/NMEiif

For the oversized, Power Ranger style Volcanicus, you can get it on Ali Express using this link:

Please note the oversize version is not a Hasbro or Takara Tomy product and they will assume no liability in regards to the quality of it.

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