Transformers Defensor traces his roots to G1, but Demon Knight has put out a MASSIVE version based on the Combiner Wars version that towers above the rest! Captain Kyle goes through the DK01-05, sets A and B, to see if it would be good for your collection.

Defensor appeared in the Transformers Generation One cartoon with no explanation and was brought in to face off against the Combaticon combiner Bruticus. The Protectobots joined the Autobots in foiling both the plans of Megatron and, later, the schemes of the new incarnation of the Decepticon leader, Galvatron. The original set of G1 Transformers was a mere 8 inches tall, but the Combiner Wars raised the bar to 11 inches. Enter the Demon Knight Specil Team (their spelling) which raised him to 18 inches tall and gave him better feet, fists, and an overall look. Captain Kyle goes through each of the team members, starting with Hot Spot, and including First Aid, Blades, Streetwise, and Groove (no Rook for this set) to see if the quality is as great as this toy’s height.

To get this toy, you can get it through:

• AliExpress: (best price, 93.06 at time of publication for all 5)
• eBay:

Please note that you need to purchase both sets, A and B, in order to form the Demon Knight Defensor.

This toy is not manufactured by Hasbro or Takara Tomy, therefore they will assume no liability in regard to quality.

Check out this G1 “Reissue” of Defensor here!

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