6 Creepy Dolls of Horror

The film Megan has become a smash hit amongst critics and audiences alike. This is not too big of a surprise though because scary dolls are nothing new to audiences. Infatuation with dolls has been around in pop culture for multiple decades. Why are dolls creepy? A toy is supposed to be safe and comforting but when it is walking and talking and killing it definitely can leave us with nightmares. With the success of Megan and a sequel announced to come out in 2025, I decided to look back at some of the most creepy dolls we have had in the history of horror. Want more like Megan? Check these out!


We cant talk about dolls without mentioning the GOAT himself. The Chucky franchise has been going strong since the late 80s. For those that don’t know, the Good Guy doll is possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray who used voodoo after being shot multiple times.

The voicework of Brad Douriff is one of a kind and with 7 film entries, a remake, a hit television show that was just renewed again, and merchandise everywhere, Chucky does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Why He’s Creepy? Chucky has been known to be more humorous than other dolls on this list but the fact is he is still scary. In the first 2 films, our main protagonist is Andy. A killer doll cursing out a kid and trying to inhabit him while killing everyone he loves is a scary concept. The television show has even more character development and definitely check it out if you haven’t yet. Can’t wait for season 3.


James Wan’s The Conjuring gave us a glimpse of Annabelle in 2013. A possessed doll that in real life was based on a Raggedy Ann doll.  After The Conjuring, Annabelle has had her own franchise. It started off a little rocky but it gave us 2 pretty good horror films. The films in The Conjuring Universe have made so much money over the past decade that it is safe to say we have not seen the last of Annabelle.

Why She’s Creepy? Annabelle herself doesn’t do much. She may move her head around or fall over but what makes her creepy is she is a conduit for evil. She needs to be locked away because whenever she is out in the open she attracts bad things. Also, it was a smart choice to change her design. A Raggedy Ann doll would have come off as more comedic.

Billy (Dead Silence)

Here is another doll from the mind of James Wan. Billy is from Dead Silence. Dead Silence is in my opinion Wan’s most underrated film. The story is about a ventriloquist who loved all her dolls. She is accused of murdering children and is murdered by the town. Legend has it that she lives through her dolls still and won’t rest till she has her revenge.

Why He’s Creepy? Billy barely moves. He is normally still except for his eyes which eerily move side to side throughout the film. Mary Shaw, the ventriloquist is able to possess Billy and speak through him delivering her haunting messages. If you haven’t seen this one be sure to check it out. It also has a pretty good twist.


May came out in 2002 and was not a box office success. It did have great reviews though and has become a cult film. The story is about May, an awkward girl who had only one friend growing up: a doll named Suzie that her mother gave her. Growing up, May is trying to be more social but when Suzie starts talking things take a turn for the worse.

Why She’s Creepy? You don’t know if Suzie is really talking or if years of trauma has made May snap. Her design is also insanely creepy. It isn’t a doll I would give a child. The line “if you can’t find a friend, make one” becomes ever so real as May becomes inspired to become homicidal and create her own human doll.

Talky Tina

The Twilight Zone is one of my favorite television shows of all time and of course, they had one of the creepiest dolls ever. The episode “The Living Doll” is about a young girl named Christie who has a new doll named Tina with whom she becomes inseparable. Her mother has just remarried and the new husband named Erich is a little aggressive toward the family. Erich soon realizes that Christie’s innocent doll might not be so innocent after all.

Why She’s Creepy  Talky Tina usually says friendly things but when Erich gets a hold of her she says hateful things to only him. He is not sure throughout the episode if Christie is just playing pranks on him or if he is losing his mind. The performances really sell it here but we end on a truly creepy scene that reveals what is really going on. You just better be nice to Tina.

Billy (Saw)

The Saw franchise has been one of the most famous horror franchises of the 2000s. James Wan started it all with a more than solid first entry with great characters and a great twist. There have been 9 Saw movies with a new one on the way this year. There have been video games, haunted attractions, tons of merchandise, and more. James Wan must really have a thing for dolls and the name Billy.

Why He’s Creepy? Jigsaw is the brains behind everything. He creates all the traps and chooses the victims but Billy has been there since the beginning as well. When Billy is nearby you know that something bad is about to go down. When a victim is about to be captured, Billy is right there. He also has a creepy laugh. We also should give credit to Billy because throughout this franchise he has blown up and crashed into walls and also had to learn how to ride a tricycle.

There are tons of dolls in horror. From Slappy in Goosebumps to Blade from Puppetmaster. With the success of Megan, I would not be surprised if we see many many more doll movies in the future. What are your favorite dolls of horror? Are there any that I missed? Tell us in the comments below.  

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