MaXXXine is a Satisfying Conclusion

Ti West’s X franchise has been a huge hit for horror fans making West more of a household name. X was released in 2022 and filled with great kills, grit, and a memorable dual performance. The same year gave us Pearl. Less of a slasher and more character-driven, Pearl gave us an even more memorable Mia Goth performance and established her as a modern-day scream queen. Now with Maxxxine, everything comes to a close with a stylish murder mystery. 

The Story

In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. However, as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Los Angeles, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past.

The biggest thing this movie gets right is the 80’s vibe. From the clothes to the hair to the soundtrack, the movie drips with an 80s feel. Director Ti West loves movies and you can tell as this isn’t only a mystery slasher but an homage to Hollywood. There is also a clear homage to Italian giallo films. For those that aren’t aware of what a Giallo film is, it’s an Italian crime thriller that combines murder mystery and horror elements. There are also specific camera angles and the blood and gore are usually vibrant and excessive. MaXXXine is filled with all of this. 

The story feels the most grounded of the three films as we can travel along the title character and feel everything she feels. Not only is the mystery intriguing but the price for fame is as well. We are excited for MaXXXine to be chasing her dream but you can’t help but feel that no matter what, fame will never be enough. 

The Acting

I honestly don’t know if these movies work as well as they do if Mia Goth isn’t the star. I can’t remember an actress rising in the horror community as fast as she has. The film opens with an audition from MaXXXine and the audience is automatically invested. She is captivating to watch in just about every scene that she is in. Mia Goth is a force to be reckoned with and this is truly an empowering raw performance. 

I have to give credit to Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Debicki. Bacon plays a sleazy private investigator perfectly chewing up every scene that he is in. Debicki plays a director who pushes MaXXXine to be the best she can be by any means necessary. She has some of the best more quiet scenes with Goth for sure. 


It’s hard to decide which film is the best in this franchise because they all have something to give and they are all different. MaXXXine is a strong satisfying conclusion full of gore, great homage, and fantastic performances. Ti West is easily one of the best horror directors working today and Mia Goth just like her character is a fu*king movie star. 

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