4 Bingeworthy Webtoon Adaptations You Should Be Watching

Webtoons are becoming more popular globally as new stories are being adapted into TV shows and films each year. Some of the more recent adaptations, such as “Sweet Home” and “Love Alarm”, make me curious to see what story will be acquired next. Today, I’m sharing four webtoon adaptations that you should watch, from romantic comedies to horror shows.

All Of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead follows the story of a local high school being overrun with zombies, and the trapped students struggle to survive. With no food or water, and their communication cut off by the government, they fight to protect themselves in a battleground.

From the cinematography to the plot this show does not disappoint at all. It’s action-packed and fast-moving while also keeping the focus balanced between the character relationships and the impending danger of the situation. While the show is mainly focused on trying to navigate through a zombie apocalypse, we also see the enemies that form within the survival groups. Underneath the surface, the show comments on politics, bullying, money, social classes, and more. I can’t wait for season 2!

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Business Proposal

In disguise as her friend, Ha-ri shows up on a blind date to scare away her friend’s prospective suitor. However, plans go awry when he turns out to be Ha-ri’s CEO and he makes a proposal.

All the K-Drama fans have been raving about this cute and comedic drama, so I decided to give it a watch. I haven’t read the original webtoon it is based on so I’m not sure how close it compares to the original source material but it’s worth adding to the watchlist. It’s funny, entertaining, and wacky as it plays on a lot of common K-Drama tropes. The casting is key in this show and Kim Sejong as the lead really charms the audience. And Ahn Hyo-Seop as the male lead as a stern CEO is perfect! Every episode is enjoyable to watch and it’s a show that makes me laugh out loud.

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The Sweet Blood

In this supernatural web drama, Yeon Seo is a 118-year-old half-vampire who wants to live an ordinary human life. To blend in as much as possible, she attends high school. But when the sweet blood of her classmate, Song Meo Roo, attracts the attention of vampires and werewolves alike, things get complicated. As she tries to protect her classmate from those who hunt him, she must rebel against her vampire side.

The Sweet Blood can best be described as a supernatural romance with some fun elements of suspense. Sometimes the drama could be a bit cheesy but if you focus more on the unrealistic fantasy aspects it’s very good. The show has plenty of action scenes and an interesting mystery to solve! Plus the short episode run time makes it a great show for watching on the go or when you need a break from a busy schedule.

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So I Married The Anti-Fan

In the drama, So I Married The Anti-Fan, Who-Joon is a top star while Geun-Young is a magazine reporter. When Geun-Young gets tangled up in a situation with Who Joon and eventually gets fired from the company she begins a protest against the celebrity and becomes famous as an anti-fan. A PD approaches Geun-Young about participating in a reality TV show about a top star and their anti-fan living together.

Who-Joon and Geun-Young try to give each other a hard time on the TV program, but soon they become attracted to each other. I watched the movie based on the webcomic of the same title about a year ago and I honestly think the TV adaptation did a better job of carrying out the story. The TV show takes more time with the characters, and their pasts, and explores the relationship between idols/celebrities and fans. With an enemies-to-lovers trope, it makes the show interesting to watch. I also like how they touch on how the lines between a person’s private and public life can blur.

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What webtoon adaptations are your favorites? Which new shows are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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