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Women/femme fandom fans played a big part in nerd culture’s transcendence into pop culture. If you take a look at the current state of nerdy merchandise, there are now dedicated brands and markets aimed towards femme nerds. Women aren’t just buying fandom merch though, they are making it too! For Women’s History Month, we want to highlight some women-owned fandom businesses which sell all kinds of unique and high-quality fandom products you or someone you know would love! Get your cards ready; it’s time to spend those stimmys.

Besame Cosmetics 

The Besame Cosmetics x Agent Carter collection couldn't be more glam. |  HelloGigglesBesame Cosmetics comes from the creative and artistic mind of Gabriela Hernandez. Besame specializes in digging through beauty archives and recreating popular shades and products from the past. Besame Cosmetics also creates fandom-themed collections that truly honor and emulate the magic of each fandom. They have created collections for Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Avengers, Agent Carter, Mary Poppins, I Love Lucy, and more!

Adorned by Chi 

Adorned by Chi comes from magical girl Jacque Aye. Not only does her brand make apparel inspired by anime and comics; Chi also has her own magical girl graphic novel. Jacque Aye and Adorned by Chi collaborated with Sanrio, the creators of Hello Kitty, to create a super cute collection.

Bow Peeps 

Bow Peeps knows a thing or two about fandom. This woman-owned business sells bows, pins, and mouse ears inspired by all kinds of fandoms. Anime? Got it! Video Games? You bet! Superheroes? Check! If there is something you can’t find, Bow Peeps can make it. Everything is made with love and attention to detail.


FemmeDeBloom should be your go-to spot for fandom accessories. FemmeDeBloom sells handmade accessories that any fandom fan would love. The earrings and collar pins perfectly capture the essence of your favorite characters. You can find accessories from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, MCU, and a lot more. FemmeDeBloom is constantly updating her shop, be prepared to make multiple orders.

Kanade’s Tea Shoppe 

Kanade’s Tea Shoppe creates custom blends of tea inspired by anime! Each blend is carefully crafted to give tea lovers a unique experience with their favorite anime and/or anime character. Her teas range from anime series like My Hero Academia, Black Butler, Naruto, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Who hasn’t dreamed of trying Uncle Iroh’s famous tea? Now you can!

Sharodactyl Art 

No photo description available.Sharodactyl Art takes your favorite fandoms and gives them a kawaii makeover. Sharodactyl’s pins are truly one of a kind and that comes from her signature art style. You’ll find enamel pins featuring Demon Slayer, Overwatch, Disney, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Animal Crossing, and Sailor Moon. If you are a pin collector, you will absolutely want to collect these!

Danielle Nicole Bags 

Danielle Nicole Bags are for the fandom fans who want to take their fandom to a high fashion level. These designer bags are elegant, stylish, and nerdy. Each bag has been meticulously designed to celebrate the fandoms we love. From Disney and Star Wars, to Harry Potter and Nintendo, Danielle Nicole Bags are like carrying a badge of honor. These make perfect gifts for any special occasion.

These are only a few of the many women-owned businesses that specialize in the world of fandom. We hope that you will not only support these businesses but any business, big or small that celebrates nerd culture.

Any of these places on your next online shopping trip? Share with us what you would buy? And share your favorite woman-owned business! Talk with us in the comments and online.

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