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With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to jump into the world of Warriors and look at their merchandise store. The books have been released for twenty years, yet their official store (USInternational, and EU) was only launched within the last few years. From clothing and accessories to home ware and toys & plush, Warrior Cats fans (and those buying for them!) have a lot of options.

Before reading ahead, don’t forget to ask the Warriors fans in your life some of their favorite characters or Clan, as most of the merchandise is specific!


So far the only clothes launched by the Warriors team are t-shirts and hoodies, both in unisex and youth sizes (with a section for ladies’ style t-shirts too). They feature book covers, quotes, character names, Clan designs, and the infamous Warrior Cats minis. While the mini designs seem more geared toward the kids of the fandom, the more subtle designs are well-suited for an adult Warriors fan.


Accessories galore, this section is the biggest of the store. It has a random assortment of items, from tote bags to jewelry to pins to cards and pens. When scrolling through accessories, you might find that a lot is sold out, including their first puzzle and the charms for the Warrior Cats Charm Bracelet. Luckily, all the fun tote bags and other accessories are available and would make the perfect gift for carrying around Warriors love. While you may not get them for the holidays, buyers can be notified when out-of-stock items return to stock, too!


The homeware merchandise allows fans to decorate their home with Warriors pillows or sip their preferred drink from mugs. A few items here are repeats from the accessories section: the water bottle, drawstring bag, and towel. The mugs have two styles, either cats in their mini forms or the reprinted covers of the first arc, The Prophecies Begin. Similarly, the pillows have the same covers, but they also have neat Clan designs that I think would make a better gift. 

Toys & Plush

The best section of the entire website belongs to the toys & plush, where favorite characters are brought to life as figurines and plush. I may be biased, considering I’ve collected every figurine they’ve released, but they are continuously excellent and the merchandise I’d suggest to people. Six figures get released at once, in groups of two, and they just released Series 6 and a special series from The Prophecies Begin. While each series sells out quickly after its release, some are still available as singles. They’ve also released blank mini figurines to paint your own character or a character from the series! The plush are occasionally questionable design-wise, but they’re soft and have fun features, like a patch with their Clan symbol on the bottom of a paw. For a series with detailed descriptions of characters, these physical representations are great gifts to fans.

While most of the dates to receive items by the holidays have passed, it’s still good to keep an eye on Warriors merchandise. From the US Store, produced on-demand items needed to be purchased by December 8th and all other items by December 14th. The EU store items needed to be purchased by December 11th, while the International store items must be purchased by December 18th for the UK. Unfortunately, the rest of the world would have had to be purchased as early as December 4th (but maybe if purchased immediately, it could be a Christmas miracle).

If you’re not sure what the Warriors fan you know wants, the website has the option to purchase an e-Gift Card.

If you’re still searching for something to get them, here’s a list of the most recent releases: Warriors: A Starless Clan: ThunderWarriors: The Ultimate Guide: Updated and Expanded Edition, Warriors: Riverstar’s Home, and Warriors: A Thief in ThunderClan.

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  1. YEAAAAH WACA MERCH!!! The minis are amazing!! Just wish they spent a little more time perfecting the plushies and by extension their other merch, the minis are practically perfect though, and such high quality!! For what it is haha!

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