TRANSFORMERS Style Mini PISTOL Robots Set Review

Transformers has a few characters who become guns. Megatron, Browning, Shockwave, Sixshot, Quickswitch, Targetmaster partners, etc. These pistol robot toys are not Transformers or knock-offs but can transform from robots to very realistic, though small-scale, pistols. Captain Kyle checks out these fun little bots to see if they’d fit in your collection.


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The full name for this toy is “Alloy Steel Armor Beast Transformation Toys Action Figure Model Children’s Boys Toys.” Which is quite a mouthful. Much better to call them Pistol Bots. There are four of them. A gold one which transforms into a SIG SAUER P226, a gun-metal grey one that becomes a Berretta M92, a black one that transforms into an M1911 (Colt) pistol, and a silver one that becomes a Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special. While the robot modes are less than stellar, the gun modes are spot on. Captain Kyle examines these toys to see exactly how cool they could be.

To get these mini transforming guns, check Ali Express here: (There is another listing for the same robots at a much lower price, but with shipping that makes it exceed the price of the linked figures)

Please note these are not official Transformer toys and neither Hasbro nor Takara Tomy will assume any liability in regard to quality.

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