TRANSFORMERS Legacy INFERNO Versus BW Inferno – Review

We put the Transformers Legacy Inferno up against the original Beast Wars Mega Inferno in this versus review! Which is better? Which serves the Royalty better? Captain Kyle compares the latest version of the crazy fire ant to his original release. And you tell us which you like better.

In Beast Wars, Inferno was a Predacon who identified way too strongly with the mentality of his Beast Mode. He called Megatron “My Queen” or “Royalty,” he always wanted to protect the hive, and he was fanatical about following orders. Unfortunately, he was apparently killed off at the end of Season One / beginning of Season Two on the show and didn’t even get a mention by Megatron afterward. Which actually is more ant-like on Megatron’s part. The original version of Inferno was a Mega-sized toy and apparently suffered a bit due to overproduction. The new Inferno in the Legacy line is Voyager sized. Captain Kyle compares the two in order to determine if the new one meets the standard of the hive.

If you’d like to get the Legacy Inferno, try these links:

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For the original Beast Wars Inferno, try:

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