TRANSFORMERS G1 “Reissue” Superion Knock-Off Review

The Aerialbots were introduced in the Transformers cartoon in the two-part episode “The Key to Vector Sigma” and were a super popular set of toys. This “reissue” set of the Autobot sub-group is a knock-off/counterfeit but appears to be very true to the original gift set. Captain Kyle goes through each member of the team and merges them into Superion to check out the quality.

Built to offset the new Stunticon group that Megatron created, the Aerialbots challenged the Decepticons’ superiority in the air. Consisting of Slingshot, Fireflight, Air Raid, Skydive, and the leader Silverbolt (not the Fuzor), they had many adventures and, while Optimus Prime headed the team that created them, were instrumental in the creation of Optimus Prime. Time travel, am I right? This is a very cool recreation of the gift set of these toys and if you’re a G1 fan on a budget, a great way to fill in your collection.

If you’d like to get this set, you can try:

Ali Express:

Please note these are not issued by Hasbro or Takara and they will take no liability in regards to them.

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