Transformers Squawkbox was a Decepticon formed from two of Soundwave’s cassettes named Squawktalk and Beastbox who could also become a bird / eagle and an ape respectively. Dr Wu has created an amazing third-party homage to this set called Chatter (or Chatter Source) that is made up of Eagle and Orang and fits with the Siege and Earthrise versions of Soundwave. Captain Kyle reviews and compares the two, though the G1 style cassettes he is using are actually high quality “reissue” knock offs.

Squawktalk and Beastbox were two animal cassettes that merged into Squawk Box and faced off against the Autobots Raindance, who was a cassette and a jet, and Grandslam, who was a tank and a cassette, who could also merge into Slamdance. It would be nice to get those versions for Blaster, though Slamdance is actually part of a special Siege set that repainted Skytread (originally G1 Flywheels) into the jet and tank, just dispensing with the cassette forms.

Dr Wu’s Chatter is a great, high-quality third-party toy. If you’d like to get it, the best price I’ve found was on Ali Express. It also comes in different colors, the yellow and blue and the black and grey. You can check them all out here:

The G1 Squawktalk and Beastbox set were actually high quality “reissue” knock offs. While I would encourage you to get the original G1 if you can afford it, I’m providing links for both of these.

For the “reissue” knock off, click here:
(Note: At the time of this posting, this item was 38.99 with free shipping. You might spot others that are 24.96 or 29.99 and think “what the hell?” However, those have shipping of around 15 to 18 dollars. So they are actually more expensive.)

To search for the G1 Squawkbox, click here (there may also be reissue sets returned):

(If the item is being shipped from China in package, it’s likely a high-quality reissue knock off.)

Transformers are a registered trademark of Hasbro. Keep in mind that purchasing third party and knock off Transformers does mean the product is not necessarily held to the same quality and safety standards as genuine Hasbro products.

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