TRANSFORMERS “Computron” Robot Force Combiner Review

In Transformers, Computron is the most intelligent of the Combiners and, in the cartoon at least, was created by Grimlock. This set of Robot Force bots bears a resemblance to the 5 Technobots, but is definitely not the Computron you’d expect. But is it a cool set? Captain Kyle reviews this fake Autobot combiner to see if it’s right for you.

The Technobots have a car, motorcycle, drill tank, and two futuristic jets – one with dual nose cones – in their roster. This set also has the same type of vehicles, but the coloration and style of the robots make it an alternative universe version at best. And the transformation into the combined mode is quite different. Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s actually quite clever. But it doesn’t merge the same way. Still, with die-cast metal and a giant sword that is created from the weapons of the individual bots, this is a nice set.

To get this set, which is available in a white/red color scheme or a more multicolored scheme, check it out on AliExpress:

Please note this product is not produced by Hasbro or Takara-Tomy and is not an official Transformers toy.

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2 Comments on “TRANSFORMERS “Computron” Robot Force Combiner Review”

  1. That is not Computron , Comic book nor the cartoon did he or The Technobots that were created by Grimlock look anything close to that.

    1. If you’ll notice the quotation marks, I know it’s not Computron. It’s called that by those selling it. It is similar in some ways, but obviously not the G1 characters we know. And if you watch the video, I state it’s not Computron as well. However, it’s a pretty interesting toy in its own right. And a clever way to incorporate similar vehicles to the Technobots into a combined form.

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