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Hello there, Fandom Fans! We have entered a new month–July.  A new month means new opportunities and new fandom news.  While you’re at the BBQs, swimming pools, or summer school; we were keeping up with the latest in fandom.  First, let’s look at the news we already covered this week.

This year is the 50th anniversary of David Bowie’s album, Hunky Dory. To honor the legend, Mattel‘s Gold Label Collection is releasing a new David Bowie Barbie.

American Horror Stories has been ramping up the marketing recently with a selection of posters teasing what lies ahead in Season 2.  They went one further and released a creepy teaser video that brings a doll’s house to life.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife was a hit with fans, critics, and at the box office. The film managed to recapture the franchise’s nostalgia and introduce itself to a new generation of fans.  Holiday season 2023, will get a lot spookier, as the next installment of the IP will be released on December 20, 2023.

Season three of the successful animated series – Harley Quinn – is ready to take over your summer. HBO Max released the official trailer for the fun and raunchy show.

The long-awaited sequel to Hocus Pocus is coming this Halloween season and today we got our first look at the film.

An official trailer of The Invitation has dropped!

The beloved Care Bears turned 40 this year.  Online retailer, Unique Vintage, released official images of their latest collabs with the feel-good bears.

Nerve and Scream Queens actress Emma Roberts has been caught in the spider-verse web! Roberts has joined the cast of Sony Pictures’ Madame Web spin-off film.

Square Enix Debuts New RPG 

This week Square Enix revealed a trailer for a new RPG coming out on the Nintendo Switch.  Harvestella is an RPG and a life simulator. It’s as if Final Fantasy and Maple Story had a gaming baby. In Harvestella experience the changing seasons, explore a vibrant world, tend your crops, face enemies in dynamic combat and unravel the mystery of the season of death, Quietus.  Harvestella officially releases on November 4, 2022.

Song of the South gets a Jazzy Makeover 

Disney Parks have been planning to refurbish Splash Mountain due to the ride’s inspiration being the controversial film Song of the South. While it was rumored that the ride would get a froggy makeover, we can now confirm the rumors. This week Disney announced that Splash Mountain will become Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is coming to Magic Kingdom in Florida and Disneyland park in California in late 2024.

It’s a Family Affair in Latest DC Comic’s Animated Film 

The DC Animated Universe is bringing us Batman V. Superman: The Next Generation! Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons begins as 11-year-old Jonathan Kent discovers he has superpowers, thrusting the half-Kryptonian into the complicated world of Super Heroes and Super-Villains – who are now under attack by a malevolent alien force known as Starro! It’s a race against time as Jonathan must join forces with assassin-turned-Boy-Wonder Damian Wayne to rescue their fathers and save the planet by becoming the Super Sons they were destined to be!

It’s Barbie’s World Next Summer 

Life is plastic is fantastic and neon! Filming for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has officially begun. Margot Robbie plays the titular character with Ryan Gosling playing her longtime beau, Ken. Based on the photos above, the film looks pretty good. Fans can look forward to seeing the doll come to life when the film opens in theaters on July 21, 2023.

The Dolls…They’re ALIVE!

Speaking of dolls come to life, the fashionable doll series, Monster High, is getting a live-action TV movie. Monster High: The Movie brings Draculaura, Frankie Stein, Clawdeen, and the rest of the ghouls to life. The film also coincides with the relaunch of the doll line. The film hits the small screams on October 6, 2022, via Nickelodeon and Paramount+.

Quantum Leap to Leap Again

What’s old is new…again. NBC is rebooting the sci-fi classic–Quantum Leap. Yes, the series about a man leaping through time hoping next time will lead him back home, is getting a modern update. NBC shared a synopsis of the series.

“The new series will introduce a new time traveler named Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee), a physicist who uses the quantum leap machine against protocol and starts to travel to different periods, always occupying the body of a new person. As the synopsis reveals, the new series will follow not only the physicist’s adventures, but also his former teammates as they try to map Ben’s travels to unlock the secrets of Dr. Sam’s miraculous machine. Ben’s adventures, however, will anger the people in charge of keeping the device safe, led by the no-nonsense military man Herbert “Magic” Williams (Ernie Hudson). Finally, just like in the original series, Ben will also count on a holographic companion through his historical voyage, an Army veteran named Addison (Caitlin Bassett).”

Quantum Leap will premiere on September 19, 2022.

That completes this week’s edition of Fandom News Roundup! What story are you most excited about? Sound off in the comments below. Remember to stay safe and have fun! We’ll see you again for another round of the Fandom News Roundup.

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