This Is The Way! The Mandalorian joins Grogu in Colour Pop Collection!

Just like his triumphant return in The Book of Boba Fett – Grogu is  back at Coulor Pop, and this time he brought a friend making this collection better than ever! With the rerelease of the fan favorite beauty collection, fans can pick and choose their favorite items, including two additional items!

Complete your galactic vanity with The Mandalorian™ Collection including our best-selling The Child™ Palette! This complete set includes the NEW 9-pan The Mandalorian™ Pressed Powder Palette with saturated neutrals and rich earth toned shades in buttery matte, matte with sparkle, and shimmering metallic finishes. Pair with The Child™ Pressed Powder Palette featuring a mix of sages, olives, golds, and neutral tones in a range of finishes from matte and metallic to our iconic Super Shock formula. Complete your The Mandalorian™ haul with 2 shades of our nourishing Lux Lip Oil, a super cute The Child™ Hand Mirror to check out your look on the go, and The Cutest in the Galaxy Makeup Bag for all your galactic beauty essentials!

The full collection includes:

  • The Mandalorian Eye Shadow Pallet: Straight from Mandalore, this 9-pan palette features our signature super pigmented Pressed Powders to create the perfect smokey eye! Rich in saturated neutrals and earth-toned shades with buttery matte, matte with sparkle, and shimmering molten metallic finishes, this super wearable palette is out of this world. Create the ultimate Mandalorian looks with rich, earthy shades!
  • The Child Eye Shadow Pallet: This monochromatic olive green palette features a range of finishes from matte, metallic, and our iconic Super Shock formula. Create the cutest looks in the galaxy with the fun olives, golds, and neutral tones. Be a galactic cutie with a range of sage, olive & neutral tones! 
  •  The Child Hand Mirror: Grogu has got your back! Touch up your look no matter where you are with this super cute The Child Hand Mirror.
  • Cutest In The Galaxy Makeup Bag: Pack all your intergalactic makeup essentials in the most adorable cosmetic bag ever! Seriously. The. Absolute. Cutest.
  • The Rescue Lux Lip Oil Kit: Lux Lip Oils to the rescue! We paired our favorite duo in this nourishing set. Grogu™ is a clear gloss with flecks of green, gold and silver glitter, and Din Djarin™ is a sheer, warm terracotta. Rescue lips with super nourishing & hydrating sheer colour! 

Fans have the option to  snag this 5-piece set, a shadow pallet duo, or all items separately allowing you to form your galaxy as you see fit! This is the way – and may the force be with you.

Shop The Mandalorian collection from Colour Pop is now available at!

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