Memento Mori- A Look at Past Romantic Fandom Collections

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at some of my favorite collabs that I feel inspire romance. Love is in the air and all that fun stuff. I’m coping this Valentine’s by crying over past loves that I miss… The items on this list! I will go back over fandom collections that I have loved and lost and alternatives that may help heal that wound. Memento Mori…. Everything you love will come to pass but that’s the thrill of hunger games style internet shopping and getting things before they are sold out. That’s what that means, right? 

1:. Besame x Sleeping Beauty Collection- Besame came out with a few Disney collections, and you bet I got something from each of them. I think the most romantic was the Sleeping Beauty collection. The packaging was all pink and covered in roses. My favorite piece was the necklace with the cream blush inside. I love lockets and this one looks like the Sleeping Beauty storybook. This is easily one of my favorite pieces to wear.

How to cope: Loungefly Sleeping Beauty bags- Luckily there is no shortage of Disney accessories with Loungefly. There are many Sleeping Beauty bags to choose from, but I want to focus on the Scene Series in particular. I think they are done in a beautiful way that evokes the romance and beauty of the film.

2: Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose bag, Stitch Shoppe, and Loungefly Pin Bag version- Speaking of Loungefly, now this was the hunger games style shopping of my life. I badly wanted the Stitch Shoppe (also by Loungefly) Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose bag. I didn’t think it would sell out as fast as it did or at least come back in stock. It has not come back in stock. It didn’t help that resellers nabbed these all up to overcharge us. Please do not spend over $130 on this bag. Don’t let the resellers get you! Loungefly also had a version that is a pin collectors bag. It is very hard to find, but there are a few left and this one is on my list. It’s one of my favorite Disney movie iconographies and symbolizes that true love is worth fighting for until the very last petal drops. What’s more romantic than that?

How to cope: Beauty and the Beast rose cup- There is a light-up Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose cup you can get your hands on. I have one and it’s one of my favorite reusable cups. Not the same, but anyway I can have it, I will take it.

3: MAC x Cinderella Collection- This collection came about with the Cinderella live-action film, which I saw in theaters and thought was beautifully done. The MAC collection was done just as well. My favorite piece I have is the all-over iridescent face powder compact. It made my makeup look so good, I used it when I was done with my face to marry it all together. The baby blue shimmer compact evoked the spirit of Cinderella’s dress and added to the romance.

How to cope: Spectrum x Cinderella collection- I know I know, am I about to recommend products that are also sold out? Yes, I am, but that is the game of love. This collection is stunning, especially the Cinderella glass slipper brush holder. Come on, how could I not add this to the list? The lucite blue brushes again hark on her iconic dress to tie up this magical collection. I did get my hands on the brush-drying towel.


4: Vixen by Micheline Pitt x Edward Scissorhands- Now I switched it up on you guys, I want to see that you’re still awake. The Edward Scissorhands collection is still in stock, whoo hoo! It has a good range of sizes, up to 4x, and features styles of the neighbors, Edward, and Kim. The most romantic outfit you need for Valentine’s Day is Kim’s white dress she wears when she dances in the snow with Edward. It is one of the most romantic movie scenes of all time, you know you want that dress.

How to cope: Rebs Rainbow Haus Edward Scissorhands earrings– These earrings would pair nicely with the dress, capturing the same essence of that scene of them dancing in the snow. And this is a great affordable option to the dress that you can wear with any outfit.  

~ Did you think I would leave the single people out? I fall into this category for not having a Valentine for the last decade, yet staying thoroughly invested in all the Valentine’s Day collections. The only thing keeping me warm is the collections I have gotten my hands on, and my Eeyore stuffed animals. 

5: Sabrina x NYX Cosmetics- All bad girls go to hell but sad girls go to hell, split into two, and try to fuck up the multiverse. No love is lost when we can just have it all, or not have it at all in this case. This one pains my heart. The Sabrina eyeshadow book sold out so fast! I regretted not getting on this faster and it never came back in stock.

How to cope: Nomad x Verona Love & Death palette– Now this may not be the route you were expecting me to go with this, but I just think this helps complete my sad girl Valentine. This palette is inspired by Romeo and Juliet, and what’s more romantic than two teenagers dying for love? Nomad does palettes after cities and Verona is where Romeo and Juliet are from. Now you may be asking if this is a fandom, and I think so if we’re all still talking about a play that’s over 400 years with a multitude of reiterations. The two-sided represent the dueling families, and it is stunning and might be enough to heal my sad girl heart.

I hope these collections inspired some romance or fed your inner sad girl. I’m still a romantic at heart so I love all of the sappy and sad collabs. I hope all my coping suggestions help to heal any wounded hearts. 

Have you loved or lost any of these collections? 


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