The Shadow Over Cabot Cove – A Murder, She Wrote Fan Theory

Good morning, fellow lovers of the dark and esoteric.

I come to you today with a tale, a treatise, and a warning. Maine is not for lovers, as they are so fond of stating. Maine is for murders.

Who Is Jessica Fletcher?

Today I share with you the dark truth of the seminal author of sleepy towns in Maine, one murder mystery writer Jessica Fletcher. She’s well known throughout the world for her amazing novels like The Corpse Danced at Midnight, Murder on the Amazon, and The Crypt of Death.

More importantly, she’s known in smaller circles as a detective of no small skill. Since beginning her career as a novelist, after retiring from a life in public education, she has solved well over 250 murders over the span of twelve years. These murders are both across the globe and in her hometown of Cabot Cove, Maine.

Cabot Cove, Maine

Cabot Cove is a small fishing village along the coast of Maine, roughly an hour south of Portland Maine. Its population according to a 1983 town census, is roughly 3,560 inhabitants, most of which are aged 60 or older.

And for a twelve-year period of time, ranging from 1984 to 1996, the town saw a murder rate of 2% of its population. The bulk of these killings were outsiders, people acquainted with a member of the town, someone with which townsfolk had a vendetta.

Or, they were people who created problems for the townsfolk from within the town. The murderer was always someone else from outside town, or in one rare case, a beloved real estate agent turned Sheriff.

At the center was always Jessica. More often than not, she was the one solving the murder, assisting the local sheriff in ensuring the real killer is brought to justice, and an innocent accused of the crime is free.

But, what if I told you there’s more to the story? A darker truth, a tragic truth.

The Darkness Beneath the Waves

Dear reader, I believe the truth behind the murders in Cabot Cove, and abroad are the works of Jessica Fletcher, though not by her own hand.

I believe that at some point in her studies, both as an educator and a novelist, Jessica came across the dark truths of our world. She came across Dagon.

At some point in her studies, she awoke something in the town, whether intentional or not Jessica bonded with the ancient god, and forever altered her life. For the period of time, Jessica was publishing her novels, death seemed to follow her wherever she went, and she always seemed to be conveniently able to solve the murders.

Now, she’s been blessed by the lord of the deep or cursed some would say. She has a wellspring of writing prowess, and the good fortune to have her writing catch like wildfire. The price of this is a very steep, human cost. The mere presence of Jessica Fletcher in a city drives those around her to murder. The exact nature, method, or chosen victim of the murder is determined by some unknown, esoteric method. It is possible Jessica doesn’t even know who is going to die when she’s involved.


Whether this curse is something Jessica is aware of, I do not know, dear reader. However, if she is, her insistence on solving mysteries could be part of her atonement, trying to find justice for those whose death she is inadvertently responsible for makes total sense.

The curse may also be affecting her perception of events. She may be completely oblivious to the dark nature of events she’s involved in. Merely along for the ride in this dark trip through the madness.

Regardless, the world around Jessica Fletcher is a dangerous one. It’s killed her friends, some family, and driven at least one professional lawman to madness and retirement. Not to mention the damage that was done to the other writers in the mysterious corners of the literary world.


The End of The Mysteries

The most mysterious part of this whole cursed affair? The fact that Cabot Cove has completely vanished. Sometime in the mid-’90s, the town just stopped existing. Perhaps it had reached some kind of esoteric critical mass? Perhaps some other powers caught on and did something to the town?

My personal theory is that Jessica found a way to break the curse, but Dagon wouldn’t allow it to be a permanent solution. Instead, he opted to take the town, replacing it with another. Beyond the video evidence, no other proof of the town exists.

We continue to pour through the ancient texts, looking for evidence as to this dark time in the literary world. We aim to find the tools to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again.

Good luck fearless reader, may your research yield results, and may you stay safe in these troubling times.

Forever yours,

Joseph Davis

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