Tenkaippin Sneakers – High-Top Ramen for Your Feet!

To all the sneakerheads out there- I am well aware that the shoes in question are not high tops, but I could not in good conscience pass up such a perfectly placed pun! 

The great thing about the passage of time is that we always get a chance to celebrate really cool occasions and benchmarks annually. This year is no different as we celebrate the 50th year anniversary of TenkaippinA Japanese restaurant chain based out of Kyoto that specializes in ramen. And what better way to celebrate 50 years of being one of the premier noodle shops in Japan as well as providing fuel for broke college kids around the globe than creating your very own ramen-themed sneaker! 

Tenkaippin has teamed up with French sports equipment maker Le Coq Sportif to bring us this tasty collaboration. Dubbed the LCS R800 ZI TI, the shoe release also lines up with Le Coq’s 30-year anniversary. Branded with the company’s trademark rooster logo, if you ask me this paring is a “winner winner chicken dinner!”  

The design is a full-on display of ramen goodness: The yellow laces are the noodles, the green patches around the shoe represent the green onions, and the different shapes of brown cap it all off as the chicken broth that makes up the base of the soup. Just looking at it is enough to make anybody have a hankering for some good ole fashioned bowl of noodles.  

 Available for online order starting November 10th, I give my seal of fashionista approval. With a lot of neutral tones and splashes of bright color in just the right places, you can match these with essentially any outfit, whether you go dark with a black-on-black ensemble with the shoes as the focal point or even if you do a nice pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Much like the food that inspired them, these shoes will have you looking VERY hot. So do yourself a favor and let it cool down first. 

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