The Band Ghost Releases Browser Game to Celebrate New EP Launch

To celebrate the release of their new cover EP ‘Phantomime’, the band Ghost has released a browser game titled “Escape the Ministry” alongside the new record. The announcement came from the band’s Twitter Thursday morning, after adding a cryptic countdown on their website.

The game is hosted on the band’s website and is a point-and-click adventure through the iconic location of the band’s fictional Satanic Ministry, which is going through renovations. Its puzzle-solving story sends you to uncover the mysterious Ministry’s secrets as the player sneaks in and must subsequently escape. The trailer features the current Papa Emeritus IV’s TV, accompanied by his NES game system and phone featured in their Chapter 16 video Tax Season’.
A statue of the band’s previous frontman, Papa Emeritus III, was also featured in the game’s trailer, leading many fans to speculate on why.

And, as is the case with any announcement from Ghost, the memes immediately began flowing in as soon as the trailer was posted.



The game is live on the band’s website as of early this morning. 

Ghost is set to begin their international tour in Rouen, France on May 21st, and continue worldwide through September.

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