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After taking a brief break, Fandom News Roundup is back! Did you miss it? We know you did.  For our return, we got some fun and interesting stories from the World of Fandom.  But first, we have to talk about the news we already covered. It’s the rapid-fire time!

The work of Stephen King will once again be adapted for the big screen with Bohemia Group landing the film rights to the bestselling novel, The Regulators. George Cowan has been tasked with adapting the Western horror thriller.

The *gameHERs, a women-led community dedicated to recognizing women in the gaming and esports community, has opened up nominations for their 2022 awards.

Searchlight has released the official trailer for its upcoming release, The Menu.

2008’s The Strangers is widely considered to be one of the great home invasion slasher films of all time. Its success spawned the release of a sequel – The Strangers: Prey at Night – which arrived nearly ten years later.

As we edge even closer to the arrival of House of The Dragon, a new featurette has been released which delves further into the history of House Targaryen.

Neve Campbell’s absence from the next installment of the Scream franchise has been a hot topic of discussion over the past few months. The actress, who has played the leading role of Sidney Prescott in all previous franchise entries, announced back in June that she would not be returning for Scream 6 as she felt the offer for her to return did not properly equate to the value she brings to the franchise.

In an unexpected reveal, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira shocked Comic-Con 2022 by announcing they will both return in a brand new The Walking Dead spinoff series.

Walking Dead spinoff series focused on the character of Daryl Dixon has been in the works for some time and now we’re finally getting more details.

Recently, the gaming giant released a video on its official YouTube Channel with information about updates for Tekken 7, the 2023 Tekken World Tour, and…something else.

Dame Olivia Newton-John, a British-Australian singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and activist, died at 73.

Look, Morty! We’re Candy! 
In honor of the next season of Rick and Morty, Trolli has partnered with the Adult Swim Cartoon to create three new snacks! LIMITED EDITION SNACKS FOR YOU AND YOUR SIDEKICKS! Collect a box packed with favorites like cherry-lemon, strawberry-grape, orange-lime, raspberry-blueberry, strawberry-blackberry, and blue raspberry-berry punch.

The collection includes:
MEANT FOR MULTIDIMENSIONAL YUM: With sweet and sour tongue-twisting tastiness in every bite, these colorful, multi-flavored gummy worm candy packs are coated in sugary goodness and ingeniously fun.
GRAB YOUR PORTAL GUN AND GO GUMMY: When the weird world of Trolli Crawlers and the alternate universe of the Rick and Morty series unite in fun snack boxes, flavorful-filled adventures are ahead.
FUN-FILLED DYSFUNCTION: Oozing with sweet and sour goodness that puts the fun in dysfunctional, it’s no surprise that Rick and Morty were destined to find themselves in the Trolli snacking dimension.

Available for a limited time in-stores and on Amazon.

Fortnite’s Power Level Rises to Over 9000! 

Fortnite is known for its epic collabs; bringing in characters from other IPs like Marvel, DC Comics, John Wick, and now Dragon Ball. Goku is the first to become available in the game. Vegeta and the God Beerus will be playable later. There will be 7 weeks of DBZ-related challenges. Goku with a gun? Sounds like something the DB4L crew has talked about before. Speaking of DB4L don’t forget to enter their giveaway!

Pac-Man Fever Comes to Life 

With other video games get featuring length films, why not Pac-Man? The yellow pie chart with red boots and an appetite for ghosts is getting his own film…just not the way you think. Pac-Man will be getting a live-action adaptation.  Wayfarer Studios and  Bandai Namco Entertainment are partnering up for the film.  Chuck Williams, who successfully made Sonic the Hedgehog, a box office star, will be writing for the Pac-Man project.  We know the studios may be tempted but we know who SHOULD NOT voice Pac-Man…

See the source imagejust saying.

First Look at Cobra Kai Season 5 

Cobra Kai is the hit spin-off of the 80’s classic, The Karate Kid. The series will soon debut its fifth season on September 9, 2022.  Season 5 will feature the return of Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) who was the villain in Karate Kid 3.  Check out the photos above to get your first look at season 5. We will also be doing a reaction series to Cobra Kai. Be on the lookout for more information!

Sonic’s Next Adventure Isn’t Until 2024 

Sonic the Hedgehog has been speeding into a box office blockbuster! The blue hedgehog’s first two films were global successes, so it is no wonder a third film is on the way.  Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles will be returning to theaters on December 20, 2024. Along with the third film in the franchise, Knuckles, voiced by Idris Elba, will be getting his own series on Paramount Plus. Fans can expect the Knuckles series to arrive sometime in 2023.

That completes this week’s FNR! We are glad to be back and to bring you the hottest news out of Hollywood and beyond. We hope you have a safe week and remember to come back next week for even more pop culture news.

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