Richard Donner, Visionary Director, Passes Away at 91

See the source imageIt’s safe to say whether you are a nerd or not, one of Richard Donner’s films is in your top ten. Whether he was the man behind the camera or the one producing it, he had a hand in one of your favorite films.  The American director was also a bit of a nerd; he occasionally wrote comic books. It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that the visionary director passed away on July 5, 2021. Donner’s production company confirmed the news to Variety. They did not disclose what was the cause of Donner’s death.

Richard Donner, aka Richard Donald Shwartzberd, started his career in 1957 when he wrote four episodes of Men of Annapolis. From that moment on he has worked continuously in film and television. Perhaps his breakout film and fandom favorite is Superman, starring Christopher Reeve. The film was a box office hit making Reeve and Donner household names. Donner and Reeve worked together again for Superman 2.

See the source imageRichard Donner is behind another cult classic, The Goonies. A film that truly captures small-town kids in search of a grand adventure. A way to escape their gripping realities and pending adulthood. The Goonies has become a multigenerational classic, sort of a right of passage between parents and their children.

See the source imageThe director showed he could master all genres, especially with his other hit, Lethal Weapon. The buddy cop film combined solid comedy and hardcore action, becoming a bankable franchise. Richard Donner directed and produced all 4 of the Lethal Weapon films!

See the source imageDonner has also famous for his other works like The Omen, Ladyhawke, Scrooged, Radio Flyer, Free Willy, X-men, The Lost Boys, Tales from The Crypt, The Twilight Zone, and much more.

Some of Richard Donner’s colleagues in Hollywood went online to share their memories and love for the actor.

See the source imageWe at Fandom Spotlite send our deepest sympathies to Donner’s family, friends, and fans. Though you have moved on your work and legacy remain just as exuberant as you were.

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