Fandom Funding: Graphic Novel Hot Brass, Pharaoh’s Gold

Fandom Funding is where we feature a geeky/nerdy crowdfunding project that highlights an existing fandom or looks to create a new one.

Today’s Fandom Funding is Unlikely Heroes Studios’s first kid-friendly graphic novel, ” Hot Brass, Pharaoh’s Gold.”
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Hot Brass: Pharaoh’s Gold is Cowboys vs. Mummies: An all-ages throwdown for the ages! The story takes place in San Francisco, 1919. A mysterious stranger is seen loitering around the Treasures of King Mekhenaten museum exhibit. A few days later, he acts on his near-foolproof plan to rob the exhibit’s train en route to its next destination. While his plan may have been fool-resistant, he did not adequately account for the foolishness of his nephews and fellow outlaws, who accidentally awaken the tyrannical King Mekhenaten’s mummy from its millennia of slumber. When word of the train robbery reaches the Bakersfield sheriff’s office, a posse sets out to apprehend the outlaws and recover the cargo. Out there in the desert, outlaws, lawmen, cursed mummies, a bunch of city-slick longhairs, and a wild half-puma little girl collide in a fast-talkin’, sharp-shootin’, two-fisted adventure wilder than a palomino.

Unlikely Heroes Studios is close to its initial goal and we are hoping you fandom fans can help get them to the finish line. Any stretch goal profits will go towards the production of future comic issues and amazing bonus rewards, including SUPER COOL upgrades to the book that everyone will get for FREE.

You are able to make a donation without receiving any reward, but we know fans love a good reward. This Kickstarter has some good ones.

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For a donation of $8 or more, you can get the Hot Brass Digital Edition, which comes with a digital copy of Hot Brass, Pharaoh’s Gold! 48 pages!

Pledging $15 or more can qualify you for the Hot Brass Regular Edition. This reward entitles you to Hot Brass Regular Printed Edition! 48 pages!

Bump up your pledge to $20 or more for the Mummy Cat Metal Card reward. You will receive Mummy Cat Metal Card and Hot Brass Regular Printed Edition!
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Are you looking for a reward that is a bit more substantial? Donate $45 or more to get a Hardcover version of the graphic novel.

Perhaps you would like a reward you can share with a friend? Then the Gift Package is the one you want. Back the campaign for $100 or more and you’ll get 2 Regular Edition, 2 Hardcover, and 2 Mummy Cat Cards! One for you and one for a lucky friend!

The holidays aren’t too far away and with the family package, you are entitled to 3 Regular, 3 Hardcover, 3 Mummy Cat Shirts, and 3 Cards! That’s three people right off your list.  This rewards package costs a pledge of $250 or more.

Is your heart suddenly filled with the spirit of giving, and you are looking to give a large donation? You are so kind. Then consider the Producer Package. This package includes your name in the dedication, 5 Founder’s Edition, 5 Hardcover, 5 Shirts, and 5 Cards! All you have to do is make a generous donation of $500 or more.

We at Fandom Spotlite hope you will consider backing this extraordinary Kickstarter campaign!

You can stay up-to-date with Unlikely Heroes Studios by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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