Vic’s Picks – A Trio of Books YOU Might Consider!

Victor Dandridge, the Hardest Working Man in Comics here and I’m returning to my fandom roots, bringing my unique insights as a comic creator (specifically a writer), to put a spotlight on a trio of comics now available at your local comic shop.  I’ve partnered up with Laughing Ogre, one of Columbus, Ohio’s best resources for comics AND community – and this week, we’ve pulled the following books to talk about!

Cover Art by Dan Mora

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Return #1 (BOOM Studios)

Amy Jo Johnson w/Matt Hotson (writer) Nico Leon (artist) Francesco Segala (colorist) Ed Dukeshire (letterer)

In a Sentence or Two: The LEGACY of the Rangers is under the microscope and who better to critique it than the former champions themselves?  In a tale more grounded than ever, the heroes have grown up and find life more dangerous than any monster ever was.  

Honest Critique: That Kimberly Hart herself, Mrs. Amy Jo Johnson, is writing this makes this whole project feel like a cathartic response to a television icon reexamining themselves and their place in the pop cultural sphere.  There’s such a personal twinge to it that everything is automatically scaled up to a level of maturity, I’m afraid it might spook fans who aren’t prepared for it.  In a series built on cosmic coolness, this breath of fresh air with a grownup take on the Rangers, ratchets up the stakes WONDERFULLY.

Star Rating: 5 Stars – “This is what Wednesdays were made for!!”

Cover art by Ben Harvey

Get this comic here.

The Sentry #4
(Marvel Comics)

Jason Loo (writer) Luigi Zagaria (artist) Arthur Hesli (colorist) VCs Joe Caramagna (letterer)

In a Sentence or Two: The final play to consolidate the power of The Sentry is HERE!  But in whose hands will the power best fit and make sense – in Ryan’s malevolent hands, or Mallory’s inexperienced ones?  

Honest Critique: While the comparisons of Sentry as Marvel’s “Superman” aren’t a miss, I thought this was leading to a new take where it might be more comparable to engage Shazam as a source of inspiration.  It’s NOT what happened, which left me a little deflated, but that’s not to say there wasn’t some good costume-designed punching that carried through!  Fans of The Sentry might’ve wished for more of a World War Hulk-style response, where the WHOLE of the 616 have to get involved (I’m definitely one of them), but it’s a solid move to potentially recapture the mystique that the character once wielded.

Star Rating: 3 Stars – “Waiting for a trade paperback isn’t ALWAYS a bad idea…”

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Cover art by Derek Kirk Kim

The Last Mermaid (Image Comics)

Derek Kirk Kim (writer/artist)

In a Sentence or Two: On the brink of extinction, a mermaid scours the coast for CLEAN water.  But the scorched world she inhabits may have a miracle or two left…if she survives long enough to find them.

Honest Critique: The square design of this book was my first sign that this was going to be something SPECIAL.  The ethereal feeling of the art backs that initial assessment nicely, as it walks that fine line between masterful and accidental.  But the true magic is the path this character has taken to get to the page.  Don’t get me wrong, the issue isn’t bad – it’s a slow burn for an opener, where there’s exponentially more writing from Kim in the letters column.  But that’s where the true wonder and the seeds I hope bear fruit lie.  This is the work of an idea deferred!  I felt wholly inspired and will gladly continue reading the series to learn more!

Star Rating: 4 Stars – “Who do I have to @#$% to get a peek at the next issue, already?!”

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