National Comic Book Day – The FS Team Share Their Favorite Comics!

September 25, 2021, is National Comic Book Day. No, we don’t mean Free Comic book Day; Comic Book Day is about breaking out a comic or two and reading. This fun holiday is about celebrating comic books, and it’s characters. It’s about the stories they tell and how they make us feel seen and unique. In honor of Comic Book Day, the members of Fandom Spotlite will share their favorite comic book characters and series.  These are the stories and characters that have shaped us into the nerds we are today.

The Green Lantern: The Blackest Night Series — Yali’s Pick

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The Green Lantern Blackest Night series is some of the best storytelling in comics. PERIOD. It expands on the lore while also giving us new corps. The smaller stories are just as important as the epic crossovers. And, I love how it continues to promote emotions as power and not weakness. I hope this particular Saga gets a live-action adaptation.

Saga — Teresa’s Pick 
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I don’t read comics often, but I am a huge fan of Saga. The art, the storytelling, the drama of it all. I feel like I’m watching an HBO or AMC series when I read this comic. Though it’s been a minute since I caught up, I still remember everything I’ve read because, overall, the series is so memorable. Not to mention, the character design is some of my absolute favorites! If only it would return from hiatus…

Scarlet Spider — Joe’s Pick 

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 I will forever love the Scarlet Spider run starring Kaine Parker. His exploits in Houston not only entertained but got a lot right. From Houston’s tiny skyline to the painful humidity and even having Kaine visit a rodeo, it got the feel of the city right. Plus, it was a redemption arc for a spider-themed villain, and I’m always a sucker for that, ever since Venom: Lethal Protector.

The Wicked + The Divine — Rachel’s Pick 

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 I enjoy many comic series, but one that tops my favorites list is The Wicked + The Divine. Suppose you want stories that have a more modern take on mythology; I highly recommend these books. The main character Laura is entertaining, and her intense quest to become one of/close with the gods keeps the readers drawn into the story. The writers do a fantastic job setting up the story and creating these vibrant characters, and the illustrations seem to leap off the pages. It is interesting to read about the various gods, learn about their powers, and see how they interact with society.

Rat Queens — Emily’s Pick 

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Rat Queens is one of my absolute favourite comics and follows a rowdy D&D-style women’s party in a medieval fantasy world. The characters are nuanced, with great backstories and motivations, and have great queer representation to boot. The writer Kurtis Wiebe calls the series “a mix of Lord of the Rings and Bridesmaids,” and I think that perfectly describes the energy of the swearing, drinking, absolutely hilarious women at the center of the story. If you love Dungeons and Dragons, told in a very different way, you’ll love Rat Queens too.

Supergirl — Mae’s Pick 

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I think anyone who knows me knows my answer is Supergirl, but at the same time, I feel like I love the potential she has and the idea of her more than any specific story she’s in. I discovered the character when I was young and at a low point in my life, and I was starting to become very angry and bitter. But seeing her, someone who had lost everything and had every reason to be angry but was still good and kind, made me want to be more like her. I deliberately resisted becoming a bitter person because I was trying to emulate what she would do. And today, I try to pay tribute to how she helped me, but at the same time, I always find myself wanting more depth and variety from her stories. I think she deserves to be more fully fleshed out and to have writers who will take risks instead of keeping her in safe plots.

Batman: Ego — Scott’s Pick 

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The legacy of The Dark Knight is evident for all to see, with different adaptations of the character brought to life over many decades. Still, none resonated to me as much as ‘Batman: Ego.’ The story, written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke, explores the trauma that Bruce Wayne experienced as a young boy and shows how that affects his actions as ‘The Batman.’ The graphic novel is excellently illustrated, with a more gritty, noir tone that enhances the dark feel of the story. Batman has never been more layered and frightening! This graphic novel serves as one of the main inspirations for Matt Reeve’s upcoming ‘The Batman’ movie, so I cannot wait to see it unfold on the big screen in 2022! 

Transformers & Daredevil — Kyle’s Picks

Okay, I have to put in two here. Growing up, I was not a comic book reader, except for Archie comics at the barbershop. But when I became a teenager and a major fan of Transformers, I discovered the Transformers comic book by Marvel and had to get them all, which I did and still have to this day. But this led to collecting more comics, and my favorite because Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. I collected his comic book, and I searched for guest appearances in every other comic book… Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Avengers, Defenders, Power Man and Iron Fist… if Daredevil was in it, I wanted it. Alas, today, I have scaled back my collection considerably, but my Daredevil collection was my pride and joy for years.

Those are our favorite comic books! Now, you share yours! Tell us in the comments and online what your favorite comic book or character is. We would love to chat with you. Happy Comic Book Day and remember to keep reading!

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