Our Writers Share Their Favorite Fandom Couples

It’s Valentine’s Day. We are sharing our favorite fandom couples and what we love about them!

Joseph’s Pick: Laszlo & Nadja – What We Do In The Shadows

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“A pair of Vampires that live in the Staton Island house, Laszlo was a Georgian… something, and Nadja, a woman from 1500’s Greece. When Nadja first met Lazslo, she, to quote Lazslo, “Nadja came through my window and took my life! She opened a window to my soul and let the darkness in.” They genuinely love and care for each other, striving for their happiness in their strange way. They have a band, share weird tastes with lovers, dress in coordinating styles, and complement each other’s personalities to a tee. They say marriage is till death do you part, but Nadja & Lazslo are proof that death can only be the beginning!”

Yali’s Pick: Steve & Bucky – MCU

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“Bucky and Steve have a love that is so pure. They have gone to the ends of the earth for each other. They’ve started wars for each other! They have always accepted each other as they are. Something about knowing someone loves you unconditionally seems so unique and rare. I want that love!”

Teresa’s Pick: Liquid Snake & Psycho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid 5

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“Otacon boldly asks, “Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?” when he has been trapped on Shadow Moses Island with Liquid Snake and Psycho Mantis this whole time! Listen, I know Otasune is the more popular pairing here, but it’s about the nuance that Metal Gear Solid 5 gives them. Two shitty kids grow up to be two shitty adults; it’s them up against the world! They’re each other’s support, their Achilles’ Heel, their lifelines! Liquid and Mantis are the perfect combinations of tragic death and found family. Every day I think about the canceled DLC about them, and I become unhinged over it.”

Jaz’s Pick: Chandler & Monica – Friends

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“There were a few different couples I wanted to talk about… Steve and Peggy (MCU), Jack and Rebecca (This Is Us), but I eventually landed on Chandler Bing and Monica Geller from FRIENDS. We watched hall-mates Chandler and Monica grow from friends to lovers and finally husband and wife for ten years. Yes, Ross and Rachel were a central couple of the show. But it was Chandler and Monica who showed us what a healthy relationship looked like. There was never in a moment during their relationship when they were not loyal to one another. Life wasn’t always easy, but they were always there to love and support their partner. It was making them the OTP in the Friends universe.”

Rachel’s Pick: Risa & Otani – Lovely Complex 

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“There are so many fandom couples to choose from, but one that stands out in my mind is Risa & Otani from the series Lovely Complex. From the manga anime to the live-action film, this duo is the cutest and funniest couple as they constantly exchange fun and witty banter throughout the series. The series is about a couple that reflects the opposites attract narrative and the playful manner of their relationship makes me smile along with the show’s overall comedy aspect. I appreciate how the author of the series takes time to develop the two leads and their romantic relationship. They grow into a more serious relationship, showing how they mature as they eventually date.”

Kyle’s Pick: Optimus Prime &  Elita One – Transformers

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“Optimus Prime and Elita One. They were together as Orion Pax and Ariel, but their relationship grew even stronger when the war on Cybertron started. And Elita One remained committed to Optimus Prime when he was gone for 4 million years. And came close to sacrificing her life to save him. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.”

Mae’s Pick: Carter & O’Neill – Stargate SG-1

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Whether these two count as a couple depends on who you ask, but to me they do. While I was disappointed in how their relationship was written near the end of the series, the majority of their interactions showed incredible chemistry and a deep love rooted in mutual respect. They’re the epitome of “in another life” and will wreck your feels right up. 

Ian’s Pick: Chris Stiles & Chris Stiles’ Shirts

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“I hate Chris Stiles’ shirts. I like Chris stiles.”

Bendy’s Pick:  Storm & T’Challa-Marvel ComicsSee the source image

“Though retconned in a more recent Storm Mini-Series, I have been so utterly enraptured with The Goddess of Thunder and The King of Wakanda’s original love story from the Marvel Team-up #100 back in the 80s. Ororo was orphaned and alone wandering the desert when she rescued T’challa, amazing the young prince with her ability and strength (get it, girl). I wanted them to be together. The world needed them to be together. But they were torn apart for years, then reunited most passionately and beautifully in Black Panther Volume 4: #14 and #15, where A King bent the knee to a Goddess and asked her to be his bride. 

Their wedding was single-handedly the most beautiful moment in Marvel history, and I will stand by that statement. It was a momentous display of unity, causing a cease-fire during a brutal civil war. Even The Watcher showed up…THE Watcher fam! That is how vital and strong their love was. And though their marriage was prematurely torn apart by the Phoenix Force, causing a rift between the X-men and the Avengers, they remain my absolute favorite couple in all of my fandoms.”

 Those are our favorite fandom couples, now tell us who your favorites are! 

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